In The Past, Knowledge Was Contained In Books | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

In the past, knowledge was contained in books. Nowadays, knowledge is uploaded to the internet. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Traditionally the information, data, and transcripts (just write: information was) were recorded and preserved in books, but with the recent technological advancements, they are replaced by the Internet. This essay will discuss whether it is a positive or negative development.

There are many benefits to using the internet to store knowledge. Firstly, the internet is a cost-effective option compared to books. Since one does not need to worry about finding a specific place to store online information or plan for its maintenance, it does eliminate the costs related to these. For example, the data uploaded on the internet only requires a cloud memory, which is limitless and hassle-free. Additionally, the internet is a resource that can be easily accessed from any part of the world. One does not have to travel to a specific library or store to access it. For these reasons, it is easy to believe that that storing information on the internet is a cheaper and more effective way than storing it in books.

On the other side, some people believe that knowledge contained in books is safer. With the progress in technology, there is always a fear of technical glitches or cyber-attacks. For instance, some terrorist groups can hire hackers to destroy or damage the information that is valuable to a nation or to any group. On the other hand, if books are stored in a safe location, the chances of data loss/breach are negligible. Therefore, the argument that storing information in the books is beneficial certainly holds some water.

In conclusion, there are certainly some security concerns associated with storing information on the internet. Even so, if appropriate safety measures are taken, this practice is a lot more beneficial than saving knowledge in books as data online can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.

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