In The Future, Nobody Will Buy Printed Newspapers Or Books Because They Will Be Able To Read Everything Online | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

In the future, nobody will buy printed newspapers or books because they will be able to read everything they want online without paying. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

In the upcoming years, it is believed that people will not prefer to purchase printed books or newspapers since they will be able to get all the reading material on the internet for free. I firmly agree with the argument that people will choose to read e-books and digital news because online reading is more convenient for a reader, and it saves money.

Undoubtedly, reading free digital books on the internet is much easier than reading printed books. This is because it is time-effective. The reader does not have to go to the market to buy the book as they can download it sitting anywhere anytime on their computer or cellphones with the help of the internet. Many online websites offer free reading sources, especially for students, where they can easily locate the book they want to read. This makes digital media more influential than printed media.

Furthermore, digital media not only saves time but is also a cost-effective means of reading books. Earlier, the internet was not popular because of its high prices, so people preferred to purchase books from the shop rather than download it online. But now things have changed, one can avail the internet services at very reasonable prices. This makes people save a huge amount of money, which they used to spend on buying costly printed books. With just a single click, they can now download e-books spending a few mega-bytes of internet bandwidth.

In conclusion, e-books or digital news will gain more popularity than conventional printed books in future. This is because one can easily find reading material on the internet, and most of the material is available free of cost.

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