In Spite Of The Advances Made In Agriculture, Many People Still Go Hungry | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

In spite of the advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry. Why is this case? What can be done about this problem?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Despite the fact that farming methods and yield improved dramatically over the last century, millions of people still do not have enough food to eat. There are social, economical and climatic reasons behind this disturbing phenomenon.

Famine or food scarcity only affects the poor. Whether they grow their food or not, the rich will ensure that they have enough on their platter. The poor, unfortunately, lack this purchasing power. If food is not made available at concessional rates, they cannot have to access to it. Most of the time poor people do not own any land. Consequently, they cannot grow their own food. They have to buy their food and when food prices increase, they cannot have their fill.

The change in climate also causes famine. Extreme drought like conditions persist in some countries. For example, in some parts of Africa it has not rained in years. Consequently, people living in those regions cannot grow their crops. They are dependent on food grown in other areas and if that is not available, then these people will have to go hungry. Political reasons also contribute to this problem. Many countries refuse to share their water resources with other countries. Often times this is caused by the enmity between these nations. Unfortunately, this practice affects the food security in those countries that do not have adequate water resources of their own.

In order to solve this problem, the governments need to ensure that food is available for the poor for free or at concessional rates. Rich countries which grow surplus food should show the magnanimity to share their excess with poor countries that do not have enough food to feed their people. International organizations can play an important role in ensuring that nations share their wealth and resources with those that need it.

To conclude, hunger continues to haunt millions of people even in the 21st century. Often times this is caused by the inequitable distribution of wealth and resources. Rich countries and rich people can do a lot to ensure that the poor also have access to a basic necessity like food.

Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

It is true that a large number of people throughout the world suffer from hunger even though the agricultural sector has seen many technological developments. There are several reasons for this and the lack of resources and adverse weather conditions are the most important among them. However, there are some measures that can be implemented to tackle this problem.

One of the significant reasons for why people do not have enough food supplies is unevenly distributed resources. In other words, it is known that most people who suffer from hunger are from underdeveloped countries where they have no financial support to conduct researches in farming. Moreover, climate change and geographical differences aggravate this problem. For instance, adequate rain, sunshine and nourished soil are the main requirements for growing crops but they barely exist in some countries in Africa. On the other hand, even though some country has a rich harvest of crops, it is likely to be destroyed by flooding or other natural disasters which might be caused by climate change.

There are many solutions that can be implemented / taken to overcome this trend. Firstly, developed countries can aid poor countries by sharing their technology and financial resources so that those countries can conduct research to find solutions to tackle the famine. Consequently, super seeds and plants can be invented which could stand against undesirable natural conditions even if they are not blessed with best weather conditions. Finally, it is essential to tackle climate change with immediate effect. Otherwise, it will impact the whole world in a negative way.

In conclusion, it is true that a significant number of people in the world suffer from famine even though many farming advancements are currently in use. This can be overcome by providing the knowledge and financial aids for people who need it the most.

In spite of the advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry – Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample 2

In modern times, with the invent of sophisticated modern technology there have been some considerable developments in the field of agriculture, but in spite of these advancements,  a large proportion of population in the world faces the problem of hunger. Rising cost of necessary food items and unemployment are the major causes of this problem. However some immediate measures can help to curb this grave concern.

To commence with, rising cost of essential food items is one of the significant reasons for why people don’t have enough food supplies. To be more precise, in order to recover the costs and the capital invested in the advancements of agricultural technology, the owner of these technologies has started increasing the cost of the food items and this acts as a  major problem for the individuals who are not financially stable, as they are not able to procure the necessary food items. Let’s take the daily wage workers for example, these people earn their wages on daily basis and those wages are hardly enough for them to survive throughout the day. So, when they are faced with the problem of rising food costs, they are left with no other option than to tolerate their hunger. Furthermore, there are some countries in the world which are not able to maintain the balance in terms of population and employment. For instance, India is one of the countries which has the highest population in the world; however there are not sufficient employment opportunities available in India to employ its citizens and this gives rise to more and more people being unemployed and not able to afford basic necessities like food.

Despite these causes, some immediate steps can help to solve this problem of hunger. Firstly, all the countries in the world can make policies in favour of the people like daily wage workers and the ones who are below the poverty line. These policies should ensure that basic food items are available at an affordable cost, for example items like rice, flour and pulses can be sold at Rs1 per kg. Likewise, more and more employment opportunities should be generated in countries like India, so that everyone can have a job and are able to live a life with basic standards.

To conclude, it is true that a significant no of people in the world suffer through famine even though many farming advancements are in use. This can be overcome by providing the required financial aid and opportunities for people who need it the most.

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In spite of the advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry – Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Despite the tremendous advancement in farming technology, the lack of food is still widespread in many areas worldwide. This essay will examine why this problem matters and what possible solutions can be implemented to sort out it.

The survival of humankind has always been a world concern. Every year, a reasonable number of people, particularly in developing countries, die from starvation. It is not acceptable to lose such people who might be scientists with a prosperous future ahead of them. They are parents, each of whom is the breadwinner for their family. The death of one person due to hunger in the age of technology is equivalent to the death of sympathy, altruism, and conscience.

However, there are several solutions to tackle this issue. The main one is investing money in
international aid programs to help developing countries provide their people with essential and basic daily needs. In addition, transferring some advanced machinery to improve their agriculture should be taken into consideration as the second main solution. Moreover, more people struggling with hunger are illiterate; therefore, it should be beneficial to send volunteers in the form of NGOs to educate people and teach them, for example, how to use their water resources properly, find arable lands, and use chemical fertilizers to have more crops.

In conclusion, all people deserve to have enough food as a fundamental right, and authorities of
developed countries should take responsibility for this problem and help developing ones either
using financial aids or educational teams.

In spite of the advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry – Band 7 IELTS essay sample

It is true that many people do not have enough food to survive although agriculture is developing. There are various reasons for this paradoxical development, but steps can definitely be taken to tackle the problem.

In my opinion, there are two main reasons why people are still hungry. On the one hand, the population is increasing but the area under cultivation has not increased. This creates /causes a problem as we cannot strike a balance between food supply and demand. Also, new technologies are only available to people in developed countries. They are able to produce surplus food and hence, their people do not have to go hungry. In poor countries, they still use old methods of farming and the yield is low. Also, many poor nations face problems like drought which affect their ability to grow food. Poverty is another problem. Poor people do not own land and hence they cannot grow their food. They have to buy food grown by rich people. Unfortunately, they do not have money to buy it, so they are going hungry.

The solution is for the government to offer free or subsidized food grains to poor people. Rich nations that grow surplus food need to realize that they have a moral responsibility to share it with the poor people. Some countries do not have fertile soil or access to water. These countries should be able to buy food for a small price from rich nations. In many cases, corruption in poor countries is the real cause. Rich nations do donate food, but it does not always reach the needy. This has to change.

In conclusion, people are starving because they cannot afford to buy food. The government can improve the situation by offering free food to poor people. Rich nations should also share their surplus food with poor nations.

Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

There is no doubt that food prices are gradually increasing. While there have been many technological advances in the agricultural sector and an increase in yield, many people across the globe still starve to death. This essay will explore the causes of this disturbing trend and propose a feasible solution.

Firstly, production cost involved in agriculture is the main reason for high food prices. This is due to the lack of financial support from the government and also high price of the machineries. Moreover, the tools and machines used for sowing and harvesting are expensive for the farmers and they indirectly raise food prices. As a result, low-income consumers cannot afford food and they suffer with hunger pains.

However, the government should assist the farmers financially to control the prices. For example, the government could offer low interest loans to the farming community and also subsidise farming utilities. This will aid farmers to supply quality food in bulk to the market. When the government fails to control the farming expenses, the poor section of society cannot afford the food. Thus fluctuations in food prices can be controlled to a large extent with governmental interventions and food security can be ensured for all sections of the society.

To conclude, millions of people still go hungry because they cannot afford to buy food at the current prices. It is the responsibility of the government to implement the solution mentioned above to ensure that all sections of the society have enough to eat. As long as food remains expensive, no advancement in the field of agriculture will eradicate hunger.

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18 Responses

  1. Artan says:

    Nowadays advanced methods of farming increase the rate of agricultural products more than ever in the past .Having said that ,some people struggle for food .Although various reasons lie behind that ,there are also some straightforward measures we can take to address the issue.

    Regarding to the principal reasons of this issue ,perhaps the most major factor is fiscal problems.That is to say , in underprivileged societies not only citizens suffer from financial uncertainty ,but also governments struggle as well. In these countries due to lack of resources such as oil nations suffer from numerous economic problems. To illustrate this,people who are living in some African countries such as Malawi and Uganda are a good example of that .Hot and dry weather, what is more,is the next significant reason. As a result of that cultivation in these part of the world is not as good as others. Therefore, poverty is fundamental problem of these nations and they are still hungry despite of innovation advanced technology all over the world.

    In terms of taking some actions to deal with this issue, probably the first measure is that affluent societies should aid destitute ones based on humanitarian principles. Sending prepared food and other edible products is one of the crucial actions to support impoverished families. For instance, charity organizations can paly an important role in this pivotal act for sending donations to given areas. .Sellers ,in addition, should sale their goods before discarding to assist poor individuals since they cannot afford to buy even basic necessities . It is one of the simple ways to aid hungry citizens.

    To sum up, l take the view that helping unwealthy countries should be of paramount importance of every privileged society to assist deprived nations for eradicate poverty all over the world. With such a inexorable velocity of advanced technology nobody should be hungry in modern day .

  2. Ruth says:

    People at many parts of the world still face hunger regardless of the of number of technological advancements made in the agricultural sector. This essay will discuss how agricultural resources and natural disasters play a vital role as far as food scarcity is considered. This essay also suggests how the right allocation of resources and government measures could help to better the problem of hunger.
    Allocation of resources for agricultural advancements and natural disasters are two main reasons for famine in some parts of the world. Developing countries do not have sufficient resources for research and development in the field of agriculture. These countries are also largely prone to natural disasters with inadequate measures to save the crops that were grown. Countries like Nigeria do not have the means for agricultural research thus depriving them from making any developments and at the same time they face multiple natural disasters like flood and drought which affect their agricultural produce. These factors still cause famine in some countries.

    Effective and efficient allocation of resources by developed countries to developing countries in the form aiding the poorer countries with resources to conduct research and developments in agriculture would provide the developing country an opportunity to thrive for better betterment. Also sufficient measures should be taken by the government to provide the farmers with a safe harbour for the agricultural crops being grown. For instance countries like USA and NewZealand can provide can support the the poorer countries with technology for research in agriculture. The government can help to provide warehouses for the crops where it can be stored at a place where natural disasters would not affect the produce. This could help to drastically reduce hunger in multiple countries.
    Despite all the developments made in agriculture, famine still exists in some countries. Allocation of resources and disasters caused by natural factors as discussed in this essay. This essay also suggests that effective and efficient allocation of resources along with measures that can be taken by the government to provide a safe harbour for the agricultural crops would help to solve the issue of hunger to a great extend.

  3. Raana says:

    It has been said that despite all the agricultural advancement, still a great number of people suffer from food scarcity, some of which end up dying or struggling with other devastating consequences. This matter, however, is grounded in various social, economic, environmental, or political factors. Although the reasons behind it might seem complicated, there are many implementable approaches. In this essay, a couple of causes and solutions are going to be discussed.
    To begin with, unevenly distributed sources are a predominant factor. Generally, those under the pressure of famine can be from two different groups: the whole country/ region is under pressure, or a group of people (can be a minority or majority) are struggling. The reason behind the first one can be due to their geographical location, which leads to insufficient rainfall, drought, to name but a few. Africa, for instance, has been facing this obstacle for a long time. Apart from that, this challenge can also be rooted in inhuman actions which are taken due to political issues. The latter mentioned group are mostly struggling since they are from a low-level socio-economy group of their country.
    Nevertheless, a number of preventative steps can be taken; even though, none of the following resolutions are long-term. International organizations can make some conciliatory decisions in order for politicians to bury past their enmity and save the lives of millions of their citizens. Moreover, humanitarian aid contribution organizations can take the hand of those who are of low purchasing0power classification by their financial help and magnanimity toward the poor. Meanwhile, the governments by means of professionals must recognize primary reasons and work upon them.
    All in all, there have been significant changes in advances in agriculture; yet millions still combat famine and its dire consequences such as malnourishment. This is all caused by some complicated-looking factors like inadequacy in natural resources. Nonetheless, they can be controlled with help of organizations, governments, and professionals.

  4. Bom_ says:

    Nowadays, despite having significant development in the agriculture sector, there are some people that still live in hunger in many parts of the world. In my opinion, this situation is due to the effect of climate change and natural disasters. However, a few measures by the governments or other developed countries could possibly put this issue to an end.

    First and foremost, the change in the climate has been proven by scientists to have a prominent impact in the agriculture sector. For instance, a proper amount of rain, sunlight, and nourished soil are barely available in some under developed countries, such as Africa. These features are essential for having good crop yields. Global warming, which is the cause of climate change, can ruin the plants indirectly by damaging the soils. It is due to the breaking down of beneficial microorganisms or bacteria because of the high temperature. Apart from that, natural disasters are also on of the factors contributing to this issue. As an example, a huge paddy field can simply be damaged by flash floods, causing a big loss to its owner thus lead to starvation. Therefore, it is essential for us to address these problems as soon as possible.

    There are a lot of solutions that could be done to improve this condition. To begin with, the developed countries such as Japan and the United States of America can help the poor ones by contributing their advanced technologies or give financial supports. In particular, super seeds and plants can definitely overcome the weather constraints in some countries. Consequently, the number of crop yields will rise consistently and adequate for their huge population. Besides that, the government of undeveloped countries should take action by controlling the prices of food items more seriously in reducing the proportion of starvation cases. As an effect, poor people can fulfill their necessity to live without having the need to sleep with an empty stomach.

    To recapitulate, it is true that a minor part of the world is still suffering from famine, even though tons of agriculture innovations are currently in use. This is due to the unpredictable weather and natural disasters. Nonetheless, contribution by well-developed countries and support from the government would increase the chance in winning against this situation.

  5. Jenny says:

    Nowadays, regardless of the advances in agriculture, a large number of people are in starvation worldwide. This essay focuses on this status in Africa where the distribution of food is not the same in all parts of the world, and the dry weather becomes a drawback for the Africans to have enough food for themselves. To tackle this issue, the prosperous countries should give African ones a hand in mechanical equipment and techniques so that they can solve this problem.

    First of all, food distribution, which plays a crucial role in supplying meals, might not be effective in all over the world. Wealthy areas would have more food than their demand since this basic need is totally affordable for people in developed countries. Whereas, Poor African households face difficulties in finance, therefore, many people in these nations cannot have enough money to buy food. It is not difficult to find photos or videos of skinny Africans on the internet, including children, who have been hungry for a long time.

    Second, the weather is not also beneficial for agriculture in Africa because it is too dry in most parts of this continent whilst most of plants need water, especially in areas around Sahara desert where only cactus can survive. This type of weather hinders plants such as rice, vegetables, fruits from growing. As a result, Africans may not have food supplied by their own.

    This has happened for a long time with minor efforts for these people to overcome their circumstances. Hence, as developed countries with a variety of modern equipment and techniques, Westerners ought to invest both capital and high-quality human resource in these countries in Africa. It is not necessary for them to do charity merely. Prosperous governments may invest capital, using workforce which is available in Africa, then finally get back their interests, and help African at the same time.

    In conclusion, despite the development of agriculture in modern era, lots of people all over the world, especially African people, stay hungry on a daily basis due to the food distribution and weather. Dealing with this problem needs the cooperation of these countries and other first-world ones.

    • Manjusha Nambiar says:

      This is close to band 7. There was no need to focus on Africa. Does the topic mention the word Africa? Of course, you can add one or two sentences about Africa, but the essay should be about starvation in general and its causes.

  6. Villa says:

    It is true that there are many improvements in agriculture; however, a lot of people all around the world are suffering from hunger and lack of food. Several reasons are responsible for this issue and certain steps must be taken to tackle this problem.
    Agriculture has become far easier nowadays, due to the development of technology. Therefore, the crops have far higher quality and quantity, but these products are not accessible to some people because of two reasons. Firstly, some countries benefit from better conditions for growing crops than other countries, such as hot weather, fertile soil, and enough water. So, countries without an agriculture industry must purchase from others, and in most cases, they are poor countries and cannot afford to buy enough products. As a result, citizens must tolerate starvation. Secondly, even in developed countries, many people complain about the lack of ingredients and the reason is that the affluents buy more crops than needed and keep them in their houses for the case of danger. Consequently, despite there is mass production, crops are not enough.
    To overcome this problem, there must be serious organizations and charities to support poor countries. They can ask people to have membership in these organizations and dedicate money or even food to hungry people. In addition, they can use their celebrity members to advertise for them and persuade more people to contribute to this help. Indeed, in this way, not only can poor countries have adequate food, but also the people who help will feel a sense of satisfaction. Moreover, governments in each country should have rich people under surveillance not to allow them to store crops. As a result, all of the people from poor to rich will have enough ingredients.
    In conclusion, there are some reasons why many people can be found hungry in spite of the enhancement in agriculture and measures should be done to overcome this problem.

  7. Oozma says:

    It is true that recent years have witnessed remarkable improvements in agricultural sector, while still significant numbers of people suffer from hunger and famine conditions across the globe. I think the main reason is limited practice of agricultural innovations only by developed countries and this can be tackled by economically assisting the underdeveloped countries.
    The principal cause is wealthy nations are taking advantage of agricultural scientific methods. This is because these economically stable countries like Russia, America, and Europe and so on, have been employing genetic engineering techniques which not only grow the crops quickly and faster but also accessible to their residents in abundance. According to World Health Organization developed countries would be producing 5 times more genetically modified food in next few decades and would be the biggest food producers in the world. However; developing nations are still utilizing the old farming methods such as ploughing, sowing and harvesting and irrigation techniques which are not enough to feed the country’s population.
    In order to effectively fight chronic food deprivation and to take the maximum benefit of stat-of-the-art agricultural technology is to provide financial aid and resources economically unstable countries; this can be done purely on humanitarian ground. Funding should be directed towards education, skill development and tools to make weak nations aware about new methods. This would help them in the long run, it would not only enhance the food output but also increases the country’s economy. A country’s economic resilience has a direct effect on its nutritional resilience. By empowering nations to produce their own food, they can be better equipped to handle future food challenges.
    In conclusion, only wealthy countries have been benefited from agricultural advances and making tremendous progress, although the issue can be tackled by helping the underprivileged countries with finance and necessary resources.

  8. Lee says:

    Great advances have been achieved in agriculture these years, but starvation is still a serious issue puzzling many regions in the world. Although this problem stems from many factors, I believe that countries and local authorities can take measures to tackle it.

    On the one hand, food shortage problems are linked to the gap between the rich and the poor. There is no denying that people suffering from starvation are usually from developing countries, where advanced technology in agriculture may not be available. Consequently, people depending on traditional farming methods cannot access sufficient food with the increase in family members. On the other hand, geographical factors to some extent play a vital role in the development of agriculture. For example, it is difficult for people living in dry areas or mountainous areas to grow crops.

    Therefore more effort can be made by countries to address the starvation problem. To start with, a targeted project should be implemented to improve agricultural methods in undeveloped rural areas. With technological or financial support offered by countries, it is promising for those regions to release poverty and make progress in farming. In addition, transitions in the agricultural industry are necessary in areas with poor geographical factors. For example, instead of growing crops, soils that contain too much acid can be used by local people to develop tea businesses.

    In conclusion, the financial gap and geological factors may lead to starvation problems, but countries and local authorities can make every effort to address them.

  9. Gina says:

    The development of food production has improved a lot, nowadays; however, there is a considerable amount of the population facing starvation in their daily life. The major problems are the unequal allocation of doo and the technical gap in food production between developed and developing countries. Therefore, the solutions to these problems are creating equal food distribution and erasing the technical gap.

    The first problem is uneven food allocation between rich and poor areas leads to two totally different situations which people face. Many food wastes are produced in rich areas; by contrast, people living in poverty need to search for food in trash cans. Secondly, the advanced technology in agriculture doesn’t reach the poor areas. As a result, providing enough food to the hungry public is impossible, which exacerbate the situation because people are too hungry to learn new technology.

    In order to solve these challenges, an international organization should be established which stands in a neutral position and plays a vital role in allocating food. Moreover, if there is any natural disaster or war happening, this organization should take responsibility to collect foo for areas that suffer from starvation. On the other hand, the developed countries should send some technical groups to the underdeveloped countries, which is able to shrink the gap in food production. Besides, if the developed countries obtain technology to feed themselves, they will need not food donations anymore.

    To sum up, the unequal distribution of food and the gap in food production cause two completely different situations between the rich and poor areas. Therefore, the establishment of an international organization that allocates food evenly and a dispatch of the technical group might tackle these problems. By putting effort into these measurements, people can keep away from starvation one day.

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