In Some Schools And Universities, Girls Choose Art Subjects And Boys Tend To Choose Science Subjects

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Science subjects are for boys and arts subjects are for girls. Gender based stereotypes exist everywhere. When we hear the word doctor, the first image that comes to our mind is that of a man wearing a white coat. Women can also become doctors and engineers. There are numerous of them. Countless women have already proved that they can excel in science subjects. Still, many girls opt for arts subjects at university. There are many reasons behind this trend.

One of the reasons that encourage many girls to choose arts is that they are not very keen on getting a job. They just want to earn a degree. As a result they decide to study literature or humanities. It is also easy to obtain admission to these courses because they are less competitive. By contrast, girls who really want to find employment after completing their education prefer to study science or maths. They become successful doctors, engineers and scientists. Generally speaking subjects like science and technology generate more jobs than arts. This is exactly the reason that prompts boys to choose these subjects. All of them want to get a job and hence they choose scientific and technical subjects that improve their employability.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with girls choosing arts and boys choosing science. If a girl is not interested in working after university, she probably has no reason to obtain a degree in medicine or engineering. In my country, I know countless girls who prefer to stay at home looking after their children in spite of having a degree in computer science or physics. They actually deprived another student of an opportunity to become a scientist or a programmer.

To conclude, if girls prefer arts subjects to science subjects, that is because of the existence of gender stereotypes and their lack of interest in finding employment. In my opinion, this trend is neither positive nor negative and as such it does not have to be changed.

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