In Some Countries, The Government Prioritises Economic Growth Above All Other Concerns | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

In many countries, the government prioritises economic growth above all other concerns. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages and give your own opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is argued that in some nations, the governing bodies / authorities give priority to economic growth as compared to the other concerns. While the main advantage of this approach is better living standards, I believe that it can affect health and education of the general public.

The primary advantage of prioritizing economic growth is that it can improve living standards and reduce the poverty rate. In other words, high average incomes enable consumers to enjoy more goods and services and a better lifestyle. This means that people will have more income that will eventually reduce the poverty rate. For example, a recent report published by BBC suggested that economic growth in the twentieth century was a major factor in reducing absolute levels of poverty and enabling a rise in life expectancy.

However, economic growth alone will not suffice. Health and education are equally important. The major drawback of prioritizing economic growth is that it can have a negative impact on the environment. China, for example, is growing rapidly. Unfortunately, this is at the expense of the environment. The air quality is China is perhaps the lowest in the world. Fast growing Indian cities are no different. While economic growth is good, the resultant pollution can affect the health of the people. It can also destroy wildlife. Another issue is that when nations try too hard to grow financially, culture and morality may take a hit.

In conclusion, although prioritizing economic growth is beneficial because it increases the living standards and reduces the poverty rate, I believe that it has a negative impact on the environment and health of people.

Band 8 IELTS essay sample 2

Authorities of several nations give more significance to economic progress than any other issues. In my perspective, it is a negative development because there are issues, such as environment and health, and they need similar or even higher priority as financial growth.

On the one hand, keeping economic growth a priority helps governments to eradicate poverty from their country. This is because when authorities get money from their financial projects, they can spend a significant amount of it on the welfare of their people. For instance, if a nation’s GDP is growing, its population’s lifestyle gets better because they get a better salary for their work. Therefore, it is evident that economic progress is beneficial for citizens in improving their lifestyle and reducing the proportion of underprivileged people.

On the other hand, the flip side of this development is that authorities destroy forests, rivers and other natural resources to build factories and buildings to boost their economy. Their first priority becomes the profit rather than its consequences, and this results in contaminated water and polluted air in metropolitan areas. In China, for instance, they build factories on agricultural land, and it is increasing the scarcity of healthy food in their major cities. I believe, it is necessary to give these issues the same priority as economic progress because the survival of a nation depends on how healthy their citizens are and how balanced their ecosystem is.

In conclusion, the aforementioned points make it evident that there are certain merits and demerits for nations to keep economic growth their top priority. Although it benefits individuals to get better wages and it helps to lower the rate of poverty, in my perspective, it is devastating for the environment and people’s health.

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8 Responses

  1. Deepanti says:

    Several countries focus is mainly their economic growth as compared to other concerns. In my opinion, prioritising economic growth has several advantages which eclipsed its disadvantages in the sense that many job opportunities and foreign direct investments can strengthen the nation.

    Admittedly, there are drawbacks of focusing on economic growth. Firstly, it may contribute in widening the gap between the poor and the rich. That is to say, when the government focus on per capita income, they launch some schemes and policies to increase the production of goods and services. In such a scenario, poorer are unable to get the scheme benefits because they do not have money to invest in anything so there is no benefit passed to them. Secondly, sometimes the nation security put in danger because the government become lenient in many areas. For instance, in many Asian countries, supply and production of illicit drugs are allowed as may be that is the main source of income for that country.

    Nevertheless, despite some drawbacks above, the major benefits of investing attention on economic growth help make the nation stronger and powerful. To begin with foreign direct investment, which is a pillar of generating funds for the country. To get stronger as a nation, country needs money to invest in infrastructure, education, facilities like hospitals, free medicines. When foreign multinationals apply for the licence to work in a particular country, they pay huge taxes to the government which can be used for the required facilites by the government. Furthermore, this also brings enormous employment opportunities for the people.

    In conclusion, economic growth is a priority for the government which has some advantages and disadvantages. After weighing both, I think, pros can outweigh the cons because a country can produce funds through international organisations as well as generate employment for their people.

  2. Kenny says:

    The authorities in some countries rank economic improvement over other issues. I support this view because the benefits of this policy offset the demerits as it will improve the employment status and the standard of living.
    One commonly cited disadvantage of the government prioritising growth in the economy of a nation over other issues is the negative impact on the health of the citizens. A major reason for this is that many employers would put more emphasis on work rather than the wellbeing of their employees. Thus, they could extend the duration of work, limit holidays and promote working overtime so as to increase profits. This has deleterious health consequences. For example, in recent years, some workers in Japan choose to work overtime or without a break. Although, this causes significant growth in the economy, however, some of these people develop health problems like depression, anxiety disorder and cardiovascular disease. This reveals the negative impact of such a policy.
    Despite this, there are two important advantages of increased emphasis on economic growth. First of all, it increases the job opportunities in many countries. People are often encouraged to start a business which would contribute positively to the nation’s economy, coupled with the rise in capital flight into the country from foreign investors. As a consequence, there are more job offers in new companies and in other expanded industries. Furthermore, the standard of living of people in such countries improves. This is owing to the fact that improvements in a nation’s economy would result in infrastructural developments such as better accommodations, good public transportation systems, improved health care and more social amenities. Therefore, people would be more satisfied with the work and their living conditions.
    In conclusion, although when government prioritises economic growth over other concerns, this could create more health challenges. However, I believe that the benefits of improved employment and the standards of living is more important.

  3. Jodhbir Singh says:

    It is debated that in some nations, the government or its authorities are paying more concentration on economic developments over other important sectors. In my essay, i will discuss the pros and cons of the statement and give me view.

    First of all, focusing on the development of economic growth can helps to uplift the standard of living of public by providing more employment opportunities and money in their pocket which they can spend for the essentials of their family. Ultimately this phenomenon can result as more economically strong by spending money back in economy. Furthermore, it has been seen that the multinational corporations always make investments in strong economies rather than weaker. This can lead to more jobs with higher remuneration. To add on, developments in transportation, roads and so on could be as a repercussion.

    Nonetheless, targeting only to economic growth ends up with multifarious disadvantages as well. Firstly, for economic growth, new roads, factories need to be constructed which are possible only by using empty or scarce land. If not available, then forests are cut down and harvesting land is used which creates problems not only to public health but to environment too. For example, global warming is the outcome of economic developments countries more as compare to others. Secondly, governments allocate more funds on economically beneficially projects rather than public health, education, transport improvements. At the end, more and more electrical machines are used to take economy at higher which does not mean people are getting jobs and their standard of living is improving.

    To sum up, economic growth plays indispensable role in numerous ways to the country, however, its negative effects can not be inevitable. In my opinion, economies can be growth by focusing balance on both segments such as development project and public concerns.

  4. nedi says:

    It is true that in many nations financial growth comes as the first concern. Although, I accept that this trend has some advantages, I believe that the drawbacks of this trend outweigh the benefits.
    On the one hand, paying close attention and prioritizing monetary growth can bring some advantages. to begin with, it can solve serious problems. when government is generating a lot of money it will be able to pay for other section’s improving plans, namely, education and transportation section. to illustrate,a better educational system is provided by allocating more funds into a school’s programs. Moreover, rising figures of economy might guarantee brilliant prospective plans which means that to have a better future for all citizens especially for children. In the researches,it has been proven that children who are living in a rich country will have a brighter career path rather than those who live in poor countries.
    On the other hand, I believe that if authorities always give priority to financial progress, they may miss out on other more serious and urgent issues. for example, terrible road condition in Iran,which is costing a vast majority of the people’s lives, has to be the priority of government approaches. however, it has been ignored as governors are spending more time on becoming rich and affluent. furthermore, in such a system true and intelligent individuals has to have the power otherwise higher risk of fraud would be more persumable. one example could be one African diplomat who scammed over 100 million out of the national budget.
    in conclusion, although putting economic expansion at first has some benefits in Terms of enhancing other systems and creating better future, the pitfalls are more significant since it may be a higher risk of financial crime and also other problems might be underestimated.

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