In Some Countries People Follow The Latest Fashion And Hairstyles | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

In some countries, people follow the latest fashion and hairstyles. In your opinion, what is influencing this? Is this a good or bad thing?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Citizens of some nations tend to keep up with the latest fashion and hairstyles. In my opinion, celebrity influence is the root cause of this trend and it is a bad thing. Firstly, this essay will discuss how it changes the personality of the person and secondly, how the compulsive urge to stay updated with fashion can be a problematic factor when it comes to finances.

A person may become prone to personality disorders when they are overly influenced by a celebrity. Instead of being true to their own self, they start imitating the famous person and become a victim of identity crisis. For example, there has been a case in South India / in the southern region of India where a regular house-wife after being influenced by an actor lost her own personality. She started maintaining the same looks as the said actor and ended up in a failed marriage because her personality altered with the appearance.

Following the latest fashion means maintaining an updated wardrobe. Although there may exist a fake/copy of that designer piece, it certainly will not be cheap. Fashion keeps on changing from time to time and being a regular shopper will definitely drain a lot of money that could have been put to a better use. For example, a friend of mine spent a fortune to purchase branded clothes only to find out that it became out of fashion / it became dated the very next year.

To conclude, the practice of following latest fashion under the influence of celebrities should be discouraged as it leads to personality disorders as well as financial distress.

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8 Responses

  1. Jino says:

    Nowadays, in many nations, especially the young generation follow new trends and makeovers. From the film industry to the advertisement world would influence the styles of people. This essay discusses some pros and cons of this tendency.

    On the one hand, the dressing and hairstyle of a person is the mirror of his or her personality. In many advanced countries, people likely to follow the most modern costumes. In America, for example, people would wear the latest fashionable clothes and keep new hair dressings. Moreover, Various factors like movies, fashion shows, advertisements, social media and so on influencing people to accompany new fashion. This would help the people to stay updated in the society, and as such, many fashion designing and textile companies searching employees who can bring new changes to the industry. From this point of view, it can be said that following the latest trend is good.

    On the other hand, the taste of the new-style would lead to consumerism. For instance, as per the recent research of the Cambridge University affection towards the new fashion and branded items in youth consumerism increased up to 5% in developed countries with compares to the past. Furthermore, this would lead to a financial crisis of the person and that further leads to unfair activities to earn money. However, this is happening only in a few cases and also the new style would help for the integration of the person and culture of the society.

    To conclude, after analyzing the above points it is clear that updated fashion and hairstyle is the need of the hour even though it would lead to consumerism as well as it is likely to promote the individual and society to next level.

  2. Rish says:

    Undoubtedly, most of the nation’s peoples are fascinated to follow the latest fashion and hairstyles. in my opinion, this trend is perhaps influenced by celebrities. certainly, this is a negative devolpment.
    To begin with, it not surprising that the new generation particularly young people are mostly fascinated by the advanced fashion and hairstyle this activity is mainly influenced by celebrities. in other words the entertainment industry is considered the most influential sector. when the actor adopts some latest trend in fashion and try different hairstyle in their new movies or series, after watching within no time fans fallow their latest style in real life celebrities not only motivate their fans to fallow the new trend but also encourage them to share with others. for instance, after release of the movie KGF chapter 1 in sandalwood industry most of the people have habit of having a long beard and hair. In my opinion, when people follow their celebrities and adopt their lifestyle and fashion, it causes is a negative development This is to say that, before following their style people should think twice about their financial status. if the people spend out their financial boundaries to fallow their actors this may lead to severe debt and poverty. Furthermore, people should follow their role model but they should not cross their financial limit to adopt their lifestyles, otherwise, this attitude pushes them into the cycle of disenchantment and severe credit. Additionally, due to pressure from the lenders, borrowers do not hesitate to commit suicide. For example, The Times reported in March 2019, 10% of the young people committed suicide due to severe debt.
    In conclusion, after discussing the pertinent points I would reiterate that, currently, most of the people follow fashion and new hairstyles which are influenced by their celebrities and this certainly brings a negative impact on individual causing severe debt

  3. Parviz says:

    Some people believe that the salaries paid to professional sportspeople are too high, while others argue that sports salaries are fair.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    People have different views about the amount of money paid to top sportspeople. While there are some good arguments in favor of the idea that these athletes are overpaid, in my opinion they receive fair salaries.

    The main reason why many people might disapprove of high salaries of sportspeople is that they do not make much contribution to society despite their huge income. Many skilled athletes earn much more than workers in other professions, like teachers and doctors, even though their roles are not as vital as these workers. Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi, for example, took in $127 million from his salary, earnings and endorsements. By contrast, high school teachers in the United States made a median salary of $60,320 in 2018; the best-paid 25 percent made $77,720 that year. Most people believe that we should therefore value professionals such as nurses and teachers more highly.

    However, I believe that the best sportspeople deserve to earn a lot of money. Firstly, being a top sports player requires years of practice and hard-work, and there are many athletes who set good examples for young people. Secondly, a sports star usually has millions of fans who are willing to pay to see him or her play. Finally, sport is a multi-million-dollar industry; there are many firms that want to use popular sportspeople for advertising purposes, by making considerable investment into advertising their products. In Lionel Messi’s case, $37 million of his income came from endorsements.

    In conclusion, although there are good arguments against paying huge salaries to sports stars, I would argue that they deserve the money they earn.

    (264 words)

  4. Miguel says:

    Over the last few decades, it has become more common for people to be fashion-conscious. There are many causes of this trend which for most people seems to be a great way to live. However, from my point of view this is not healthy for people minds, neither for the environment.

    One of the main causes of people being fashionable is that movies and television stars induce the masses to acquire products to be successful in life. This is largely due to the fact that famous people are paid by their sponsors to wear multiple items such as shoes, watches or clothes and then they launch a publicity campaign to make them look like they were successful just because they are using those things. Furthermore, another cause is that nowadays people value more to be the owner of a must-have item instead of share some time with their families and friends.

    There are multiple consecuences of following the latest trend since young people tend to choose a new item rather to spend quality time with their families. A research conducted by the university of Harvard found that 92% of teenagers in the United States prefer to wear the latest pair of jeans than go to a park with their parents. This is not because neither they like the jeans nor they are chap, but just because their favorite singer uses them. In addition, not only is this destroing close-knit relationships but also this consumism is damaging the planet earth, increasing the amount of waste that will cause an irreparable damage in the environment.

    To sum up, there are many causes that lead people to be fashionable sus as the persuation of well known artist as well as the wrong value people give to things. I believe this is a serious issue since this is affecting relationships and the environment at the same time. For the aforementioned reasons if we as society do not stop this tendency, the problem will worsen.

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