In Some Countries, Only A Few Young People Go To Classical Music Concerts Or Play Classical Music | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

In some countries, only a few young people go to classical music concerts or play classical music. Why? Should young people be encouraged to attend and learn more?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

All musical genres are thought to have originated from classical music. However, in this contemporary world, many people, especially teenagers have long forgotten the true essence of traditional music as they are more interested in modern / pop / western music. Hence, we rarely see youngsters attending a classical music concert. This issue should be resolved by encouraging young people to listen to classical music and play classical musical instrument as they are rooted in the cultural traditions of how the current society has evolved.

While it is true that everyone is entitled to develop their own taste in music, the classical music genre is dying out because the younger generation is now more focused on listening to and playing modern musical instruments such as drums, guitar, etc. Young people want to be trendier and more appealing to their peers and hence they listen to contemporary kinds of music such as pop, RnB etc.

As a result, they are neither keen to attend traditional musical gatherings nor learn to play its instruments. For example, my best friend is currently learning to play the drum to be more popular among her friends although she comes from a strong family background of classical music / although she comes from a family of classical musicians. However, it is imperative that we promote classical music as a fashionable genre among youths. The value of old music cannot be ignored as they artistically portray many historical events in the evolution of humans. For example, Carnatic Raga is a type of South Indian cultural music that describes the civilization of many Indian sects in the 18th century. If such music is allowed to fade out, the associated traditional histories will also be lost.

To summarise, traditional music plays a crucial role in preserving history. The lack of interest in the classic genre among the younger generation might lead to the waning of such kind of music; hence they should be encouraged to attend classical music concerts or play classical music in order to prevent ancient histories from getting forgotten.

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