In Some Countries It Is Becoming Increasingly Common For People To Follow A Vegetarian Diet | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

In some countries, it is becoming increasingly common for people to follow a vegetarian diet. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

In some nations, vegetarianism is gaining popularity and I think it is a positive development. A vegetarian diet may be deficient in certain nutrients; however, in my opinion, the advantages of vegetarianism far outweigh the disadvantages.  

Vegetarians are less likely to develop certain life threatening diseases like obesity, cancer or heart trouble because plant based foods are low in fat and rich in fibre which safeguard our body from various lifestyle diseases. For example, a report by WHO organisation reveals that people who eat animal based diet such as red meat are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular ailments because of the high fat content present in the meat. Therefore, I believe that consuming a plant based diet is a better way to live a healthy life. Another advantage of vegetarianism is that it allows us to sustain ourselves without harming other forms of life.

On the flip side, people who consume only plant based foods can face the deficiency of certain vitamins, minerals and proteins and this might lead to malnutrition. For example, animal sources such as meat, fish and eggs are rich in proteins and aid the development of body. While protein is also present in vegetarian foods, the quantity is low. According to a survey protein deficiency is uncommon among people who follow a non-vegetarian diet whereas these deficiencies are common among Indians because most of them are vegetarians. However, the inadequacy of these vital nutrients and minerals can be addressed by taking supplements of these in the form of tablets.

In conclusion, while it is true that a vegetarian diet is deficient in certain nutrients, it provides ample protection from many deadly diseases. Also, the nutritional deficiencies can be solved by taking supplements; hence, in my opinion, the advantages of following a vegetarian diet far outweigh the disadvantages.

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4 Responses

  1. ata says:

    There is no dubious that today in some communities more people are afflicted with cancer and cardiovascular diseases, and to tackle these phenomena, there are some plausible and prevailing ways. One of which is to exercise a vegetarian regime. Although this method has own specific benefits, it has some drawbacks which cause some irreparable damages.

    Nowadays, using a vegetarian diet is augmenting owing to advantages which has. Firstly, this diet is naturally high in fiber, leads to declining the number of colonic maladies in people. Therefore, it tends to cause people become more wholesome also reduces person’s running expenditures. To illustrate, the research which was carried out by university of MIT reveals a diverse relationship between having fruit and vegetable every day and the possibility of suffering of cancer. Moreover, it positively effects on cardiac illness due to almost bereft of saturated fats. Thus, as to statistics, the number of people who suffers a heart attack decreases.

    Despite this, it might seem there are significant advantages it can bring to people’s life. To begin, should people not have meat (whether white or red one), then it is crystal clear that they will lose main source of proteins and some essential nutrient. The paucity of them likely brings about some irreparable damage to some organs and makes their performance dysfunction. For instance, one of the super stars has cut out meat from his food basket since one year ago, recently spend two weeks in hospital owing to miss a kind of protein of red meat. On top of that, it affects our countenance and figure, so that make us leaner.

    I would therefore argue that although there are advantages of using vegetarian diet, under no condition do we not have to eliminate meat from our table. It is because of its pernicious effects on body which originate from devoid of proteins and micro-nutrients of great pith and moment.

  2. Shubham Kumar says:

    In this contemporary era, it is inevitable for people to think about their health which results in many people around the world are adopting a vegan diet which is considered to be the healthiest and disease free diet.
    To begin with, many people around the world have started following a vegetarian diet because of its stupendous benefits. Firstly, Vegetarian diet considered to be the more healthy and eco-friendly diet as compared to a non-vegetarian diet. Though non-vegetarian food is very delicious and mouthwatering in nature, however, it contains a lot of fat and non-soluble minerals which stems to a lot of serious disease like obesity, heart blockage, blood pressure problems and so many. Furthermore, there is always a risk of transferring of deadly bacteria and viruses from the animal body to the human body which perhaps rises to deadly disease likes swine flu and bird flu.
    Secondly, it is also beneficial for innocent and speechless animals that lost their life just the sake of lavish food for the human being. It is said that if all butchery houses have the glass walls than nobody will ever dare to eat meat in this world. Thousands of innocent animals and birds are slaughtered every day all around the world and it can be saved if people start following a vegetarian diet. A study conducted by Harvard University found that people often left eating non-vegetarian food once they see the slaughtering and processing of meats from their eyes.
    However, few people also argue that a non-vegetarian diet contains a large number of proteins and other important vitamins which are often less found in vegan diets. However, there are lots of vegetables and fruits which contain an excess of minerals and protein which can easily meet the requirement of human need.
    To recapitulate, after analyzing the above factors it is not very hard to come on the consensus that vegetarian has lots of advantages and benefits as compared to a non-vegetarian diet.

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