In Some Countries Children Have Very Strict Rules Of Behaviour

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Some countries establish strict rules for children as they think discipline matters the most for a child whereas other countries give plenty of freedom to their children in order not to apply pressure on them. In my opinion, it is important for children to follow certain rules of conduct; however, they should also have enough freedom.

To start with, in countries which give excess freedom to children, it is quite common for them to take the wrong path as they are too young to understand what is right and wrong. If children are allowed to do whatever they want, they are more likely to grow into irresponsible adults lacking empathy. For example, in countries where there is too much personal freedom, children as young as fourteen often drive vehicles and cause accidents. There are also children who bring guns to school and shoot fellow students. Such behaviour cannot be tolerated and there should be limits on what they can do.

On the other hand, too many restrictions will stifle the growth of children. Children need their personal space to think and grow. Imposing too many rules on them will push them into depression and affect their normal development. Studies have shown that children who grow up with proper parental care and fewer rules are more likely to prosper in life.

 In my opinion, there should be rules that govern children’s behavior. For example, they should not be allowed to do things that would hurt themselves or others. They should be taught to respect authority. At the same time, they should have the freedom to decide what they eat, drink or do in their free time as long as their choices are not bad. Children need some freedom, but they should never be given too much freedom because they do not know what is right and wrong for them.

To conclude, rules are necessary for children to grow up into responsible adults who do themselves and others good, but care should be taken to ensure that those rules do not spoil their growth and freedom at their young age.

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