In Some Areas Of The US, Teenagers Are Not Allowed To Be Out Of Door After A Particular Time Of Night | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

In some area of the US, a ‘curfew’ is imposed, in which teenagers are not allowed to be out of doors after a particular time at night unless they are accompanied by an adult. What is your opinion on this?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

In many parts of the US, adolescents are not allowed to be outside their home after a certain hour of the night if they are not accompanied by an adult. In my opinion, this is essential in order to ensure their safety and prevent them from getting involved in some detrimental activities.

Safety of the child is of paramount importance for any parent and in some areas, this is often compromised during late nights. Firstly, as per the statistics, some localities and areas have a higher crime rate than others. The miscreants and paedophiles operate at night after a particular time; hence, in such cases, it is advisable and sensible that teenagers who are naïve and sometimes volatile in their interactions with such criminals are accompanied by an adult to deter the crime and mishap. In addition, some areas are prone to accident mainly due to the movement of heavy vehicles, so an adult’s presence and their driving experience prevents adolescents from any accidental hazards.

Moreover, there are many anti-social groups that operate during night and try to entice the young teenagers into activities that are detrimental for them such as, drugs and alcohol consumption. Presence of an adult or a parent dissuades them in approaching the teenager and hence prevents them from getting involved in activities that are baneful for them as an individual, as well as has harmful effects on the society and the community.

In conclusion, it is pivotal for a teenager’s safety and holistic growth without any interruption that they are accompanied by an adult after a certain time of the night; hence the curfew is rightly justified.

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6 Responses

  1. megha says:

    Adolescents in general love to live life like free birds. In US, a curfew is imposed not allowing them to stay out late in nights without an adult. This is a contentious topic, but in my opinion in order to ensure their safety and preventing them from getting involved in undesirable activities its necessary for them to be accompanied.
    Firstly, curfew is forced in the areas which are not safe. As per statistics the crime rate is also high in such areas. As a result, staying out alone is not sensible and advisable. It can put adolescents in trouble, as the roads are empty and its threat to life from miscreant who look for such opportunities to create chaotic atmosphere and introduce riots. Moreover, there are plethora of police vans around who keep checking the streets. They might arrest these teenagers without any reasons and at that time they don’t need warrants. Being with an adult or parent can save them from such mishaps.
    In Addition to above, there are also chances of Adolescents getting involved in criminal activities which are unfavorable for them and the society, like pedaling of drugs, consumption of alcohol. Since teenagers are naïve they become soft targets for the criminals. In presence of an adult or parent these people can be dissuaded in approaching.
    In a nut shell, it is necessary for teenager’s safety and growth not to stay outside during curfew after a certain time at night. It’s justified that they should be accompanied by their parents or an adult.

  2. Divyanka says:

    The future of any country is defined by its younger generation. The U.S.A is a developed country. This country never leaves any stone unturned to maintain the safety and decorum for its teenagers because this country knows that if they want to continue ruling the world, their generations should be safe. Recently, the U.S.A has made it compulsory that no teenagers will go out in the night after a specified time. In my opinion, this is an excellent initiative by the government to secure safety and peace.

    To start with, there are increased crime cases as sexual abuse or abduction. Moreover, the primary target of criminals are our youths, which are given freedom from their parents to roam around the city with friends, but this is turning unsafe leading to rise in the incidence of kidnapping or rape cases. Whereas, if teens are inside their houses in the night or are going out with adult or parent then they are safe as an abuser will try not do anything in front of them. Subsequently, this will reduce the cases of kidnap or rape.
    Furthermore, there are high chances of adolescent falling in the trap of drug dealers which predominantly are night hawkers. However, if there is a restriction imposed on the teen, then there are somewhat fewer chances of getting spoiled.
    Lastly, due to empty roads on the night, there is a rise in incidents of hooliganism by driving motorbikes fast or having car races by rich brats of a society which further leads to accidents or killing of people who sleep on footpaths. The curfew imposed by the government will inevitably reduce the number of these deeds.

    To conclude, I think the rule of staying indoors in the night on teenagers is a significant step for the safety of not only our teens but also our society. The implementation of this rule will undoubtedly bring changes needed for the betterment of the country.

  3. Vaishali Goyal says:

    In some of the areas of the Unites States, teenagers have not been allowed to step out of their houses after a certain time particularly at night untill & unless they have been accompanied by an adult.

    To roam freely at any time be it day or night is a basic right for everyone. Thus, preventing teenagers from stepping out after a particular seems like depriving them of their basic right to freedom. This may lead to lack of confidence and belief in themselves. Also, it seems a bit difficult for such teenager to get accompanied by a familiar adult whose parents are involved in night shifts or are having different schedules. At times when there are urgent errands to run, such teenagers may find themselves in a dilemma due to this imposition.

    Also, on the other hand if we focus on the other aspect of this rule it tries to ensure safety of the teenagers. As for every parent the foremost priority is their child’s safety and no parent would want to compromise with that. Therefore if we see from a parent’s point of view this rule may be viewed as a necessary step towards ensuring the safety of the teenagers. However, this particular concern of parents can be solved through making the teenagers more knowledgeable about the events happening in their surroundings and teaching them how to deal with it and making themselves strong and smart enough to tackle such situations and prohibiting themselves from falling into a trap.

    Therefore, in my opinion this step poses a great threat towards the growth and freedom of teenagers. They should be self empowered and be allowed to step out of their houses at any time of the day or the night.

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