In Some Areas Of The US, A Curfew Is Imposed In Which Teenagers Cannot Be Out Of Doors At Night | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

In some areas of the US, a curfew is imposed, in which teenagers are not allowed to be out of doors after a particular time at night unless they are accompanied by an adult.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

In many parts of the United States, teenagers cannot go outdoors without adult supervision during the late hours of the night due to the imposition of a ‘curfew’. In my opinion, this step robs them of their basic human right to move about freely and could even affect their confidence levels in adulthood.

To begin with, being able to go outdoors is a constitutional right of all humans guaranteed by the US constitution. Preventing young people from going out at night without a parent or guardian is a bit like stripping them of that basic right. Of course, being out at late hours can pose many threats to the safety of teens. However, stopping them from venturing out is hardly the solution to this problem. Instead parents and teachers should make children aware of the vicious crimes such as looting, rape, kidnapping and substance abuse that are prevalent during the night hours. When children are equipped with knowledge, they will be able to better safeguard themselves and can be safely outdoors at any hour of the day or the night.

Additionally, going out with an adult is not always a feasible option especially since many children have parents or caretakers who work late night. For instance, teenage children of doctors, nurses, paramedics and 24-hour store employees are usually alone at night. If these children want to go out at night, it is not always easy for them to find a familiar adult who can accompany them. This can put them in trouble if they have urgent errands to run or late night parties to attend. Even returning home alone from a friend’s or relative’s place at night can put them in trouble and such situations have to be avoided.

To summarise, in my opinion, teenagers should be allowed to go outdoors at night. They should be empowered with knowledge and technology so as to safe-guard themselves from sticky situations. These steps will not only make them independent and confident but also give them the freedom to make their own choices in life.

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  1. Jay says:

    A curfew is imposed in a few areas of the US, in which teenagers are restricted to go outdoors if they are not accompanied by adults during a specific time at night. Nowadays, as crime is increasing in cities, the government is forced to take such crucial steps for the safety of teens. However, I partly support this argument as imposing a curfew may have negative impacts on a teenager’s minds. They might feel that they are not independent. This essay will analyze both the views in depth.

    Firstly, the crime rate has been increasing rapidly in the US. Recently, it was in the news that 2 students were robbed and beaten while they were returning from a birthday party. People committing crimes closely watches all the movement of teens, as teenagers are an easy target for them and they can scare them or rob them easily. Hence, the government has no other option but to impose a curfew to reduce crime rates in the country.

    On the other hand, teenagers feel that their independence is getting stolen due to curfew. Teenagers also have their own needs and desires. For example, they want to meet up for working on a project or go out for a movie. Their day-to-day errands are disturbed due to this. So, instead of imposing a curfew, teenagers must be given proper knowledge on taking care of their own safety and following a certain set of rules like when to go outdoors and when not to.

    Hence, imposing a curfew on teenagers has both positive and negative sides. Still, what I feel is teenagers should be permitted to go outdoors after a particular time at night. This will help them become stronger and also increase self-discipline.

  2. Cheeku says:

    In some places of the US,teenagers are restricted to outside after a particular time at night if theyare not accompanied by an adult. While imposing such a curfew might beimportant for teenagers’ safety, in my opinion, this rule should be applied forcertain distances, say 5 miles from home. 

    Admittedly, safety of teenagers isvery important and sending them outside late at night, alone can be dangerousin certain areas. Many people indulge in activities like smoking, drinking,drugs etc. at night. Young children are vulnerable, and they like to try newthings which might lead to developing bad habits if not supervised by an adult. 

    On the other hand, it might not bea good idea to stop teenagers from going anywhere at night. Many students liketo study in groups and many assignments from school are teamwork. I rememberstudying late nights with my friends during exam days. It helped develop mysocial skills. It might be a good idea to let teenagers go to friends’ placeswho live near home. This will allow parents or guardians to quickly reach theirkids if needed. This way children will be safe and will have adequate freedom.They will be able to learn from each other and hence, excel in studies.  

    To summarize, the rule forimposing curfew on teenagers after a particular time without being accompaniedby an adult should not be very strict and they should be allowed to spend timewith their friends at night for studies.

  3. Shahil says:

    Several areas of the United States have been ordered to curfew. Due to which children are therefore not given permission to go outside the home after a certain time at night, however they are allowed by their superiors. In my opinion, citizens should follow orders given by the government for their safety and security.

    First, the crime rate is significantly increasing in the U.S, to overcome this situation the government is imposing some restrictions in terms of curfew to avoid teenagers getting outside without any reason this will be harmful for them to be kept in danger. For example, it has been broadcast that two students while sitting on a footpath got robbed and shot to death. Due to rising crime, the government takes serious action for citizen’s safety and security.

    Secondly, it has been observed that teenagers think that they are not feeling independent and are bound to certain boundaries. For example, they do not freely go to watch movies and hangout with friends late at night. In order to do that, they become rude and aggressive in different situations.

    In conclusion, imposing curfews in the U.S have advantages and disadvantages for teenagers. It is their own responsibility to understand the matters of why the government is imposing restrictions for your safety and security.

  4. shubham says:

    it is admitted by a group of individuals in the community that during curfews time offspring should not go either their friends house or tution without getting permition of their parents. This essay shall elaborate both the views of this phenomenon in the following paragraphs and explain I agree with the given notion.

    To embark with, there are manifold reasons behind it why teenagers ought not go outside in curfews. First and foremost, according to some experts that if they go outdoors in curfews situation, violance can, then, be created in society, which may bring some detrimental effects on whole the nation. An over welcoming example of this is report conducted by the organization of Gujarat that nearly 68% patidar youngsters created violance situation during curfews in the year 2019. Moreover, going outside means break the laws, which is made fore law protection in curfews and sometimes teenagers go outdoors with their peers and at that time cops catch them and put into prison for breaking the laws.

    Nevertheless, some masses deem that offspring have their own some moral rights. Therefore, they can go anywhere and anytime without adults permition. Aa a result, they will become more independent and understand about their rights. Furthermore, in emergency situation teenagers do not have much time to say everything about that situation. So, during that time they forget to get permition with their elderly people.

    To recapitulate, it is public responsibilities to protect laws in any situation. After discussing scenario the positive arguments of not allowing outside in night in curfews as compared to go outdoors without parents permision.

    • Manjusha Nambiar says:

      This seems band 6 to me. The question is not about movement restrictions during a curfew. Here the word curfew is used to refer to the restrictions imposed on teenagers.

  5. Tannu says:

    It is truly unfortunate that in some areas of the US government imposed curfews in which adolescents cannot be allowed to go outdoors.the only reason why they consider such extreme steps are increasing crime rates .

    Since crime rates in some areas are too high, government feel that there is only a way to protect adolescents safety. they are not coming out their homes at night.teenagers are now victims of crimes such as rapes and kidnapping.the law and order in these areas are seems to very it is justified that teenagers are not roaming around at night.

    However, the policy of government have more drawbacks.this is clear voliation of freedom. no one should be prohibited from going outside at any time.if they want to go to market and walking after dinner.
    If the concerns are their safety then government should install more cctv and increase police patrolling in these that young people can move around at night if they want to.

    In conclusion, imposing a curfews on teenagers actually shows how weak ‘law and order’ in those areas.I believe that instead of restricting adolescents curfews from moving around at night. government should consider tightening up their security and making neighborhoods in their areas safe for everyone.

  6. Raj says:

    Now a days keeping safety of human beings from one another has become very difficult; in several parts of US, there is restrictions for children’s to come out of the house after particular time at night by keeping their safety in mind. They can only come out along with adults supervision.

    In my personal opinion this is a ridiculous decision, because it’s taking away children’s freedom! Government could have come up with better solutions, rather than imposing curfew like this. In a long term this will affect children’s confidence and ability to take decisions. Where as all the bad people would be roaming around at anytime, these innocent one’s will be stuck in home.

    Also, this curfew can cause serious problems; most of the parents work late nights in US, just in case of emergency, like getting medicine, they will have to wait for elders. I really wonder, Why can’t police look after this particular problem, instead of imposing curfew. I’m sure there are various other ways to solve this issue.

    To summarise, in my personal opinion imposing night curfew on children can decrease their confidence and ability to take decisions. This is 21st century everyone should have freedom to go anywhere at anytime. Government should come up better solutions for their safety.

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