In Recent Years, Many Local Shops Have Closed Because Customers Travel To Large Shopping Centres

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These days, many buyers prefer to shop in giant shopping malls. As a result, several small shops have closed. While this phenomenon is beneficial for customers, it has a negative impact on small businesses and local economy.

There are many benefits to this development for customers. The most significant benefit is that they can buy items at a cheaper rate. This is because there are many shops in the mall and people can buy where they get the best deal.  Another advantage is that it saves people’s valuable time as they do not have to go to multiple shops to buy different items, which is the case when they buy from small shops. To illustrate, most people in Mumbai prefer to shop for clothes, grocery items or electronics in shopping malls as they have a lot of options to choose from, and they also get huge discount on many items.

However, this trend has a negative impact on small shops and national economy.  One major issue is that local businesses suffer a huge loss as they are not able to compete with big shopping malls. As a consequence, they have to close down their businesses, and have to find other sources of employment.  The closure of small stores also affect the locals in many ways. Most of these stores have regular customers who often buy on credit. They pay when they have money. This arrangement works entirely on the trust between the buyer and the seller. Malls are unlikely to offer such services to poor customers. Hence, the closure of local stores are likely to have a negative impact on the poor sections of the society.

In conclusion, while shopping in a big mall is advantageous for buyers as it saves them time and money, it has a drastic impact on small businesses, and local economy.

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