In Order To Improve The Education System, Young Students Should Be Openly Allowed To Criticize Their Teachers | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

In order to improve country’s education system, young students should be openly allowed to criticize their teachers during class time. Do you agree with this? What are other ways education systems could be improved?

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Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

The Education system has changed over the passage of time. Many people have the opinion that students should be able to criticize / should have the option to criticize their teachers in order to improve the education system. I completely disagree with this opinion because this will spoil the overall education system. I believe that the class strength should be reduced and quality training should be imparted for each student.

I believe that criticizing our teachers will disrupt the education system. Criticizing will be like insulting and disrespecting our teachers. This will hurt the student-teacher relationship; as a result, teachers will pay less attention and care for their students. In addition, the emotional bonding between the teachers and the students will become weak. Furthermore, students will not get that mental support and psychological guidance from their teachers. Therefore, it is very important that we give respect to our teachers.

In order to improve the education system, we should work on the strength of the classrooms and focus on the individual requirements of the students. If there are so many students in the class, the teacher will not be able to give adequate attention to each of them. For instance, the ideal class strength should be a maximum of twenty students per class but in India, we increase the batch size to over fifty students, in order to increase school revenue. Such systems should be completely abolished, as it impacts the overall performance of the students. Teachers will be able to focus on only a few students at a time; thus by reducing the strength of the class personal attention can be given for each student to better understand their weaknesses, thus such issues can be addressed very well by the teachers. This will improve the quality of our teaching.

In conclusion, criticism is not a solution for implementing a proper education system. Instead, we should reduce the class strength, so that individual attention can be given to the students, which will definitely improve the quality of our education system.

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