In Order To Be Successful In Sport, Some People Think That You Have To Be Physically Strong | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

In order to be successful in sport, some people think you have to be physically strong. Others say that mental strength is more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

People hold different views on the crucial factor that brings success in sport. While some say it depends on how strong the sportsperson is, I believe that having mental strength ensures a balanced state of mind and paves the way for victory.

On the one hand, some people think that sportspersons who are physically strong can play tirelessly for the entire duration of the match. Indeed, stamina is always essential to finish an activity, and without it, people will become tired too quickly and unable to exert the force required to win. For instance, in a race, an athlete who has trained several days a week will certainly possess the strength to run faster and is more likely to win the competition than someone who did not practice. Therefore, it is evident that people need enormous physical power to succeed in the sport.

On the other hand, I support the view that people need mental strength to focus on a game. When people are under stress, they cannot think and concentrate as much as they will in the absence of this obstacle, and this will affect their performance. To illustrate, many of the best contestants sometimes do not perform to the best of their ability in international tournaments because they are under tremendous pressure from sponsors and fans to win. Hence, having emotional strength, regardless of any circumstance, is imperative for victory.

 In conclusion, although it is true that physical strength is essential for people to be successful in sports, I think being mentally strong allows people to to control their emotions and stay focused while pursuing success.

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