In Many Workplaces, Online Communication Is Now More Common Than Face To Face Meetings | Advantage Outweigh Disadvantage IELTS Essay Sample

In many workplaces, online communication is now more common than face to face meetings. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Undoubtedly, due to advancement in the modern technology the ways of sharing information have changed. As a result of this, in a number of workplaces the digital way of exchanging ideas is becoming more popular than personal meetings. In this essay, I am going to discuss the reasons why the merits of online communication outweigh the demerits.

To commence with, online communication has numerous advantages from an individual and business point of view. As for the company, businesses need not spend huge amount on the maintenance of the office equipment and the infrastructure. For example, there is no need to rent or lease a place to do face to face communication. From individuals’ point of view, online exchanging of idea is time saving and convenient.  Moreover, individuals do not need to travel long distances to reach the workplace. Furthermore, the digital way of communication is the fastest way. There is no need to book a venue or make other arrangements. There is only a need to setup online link to invite employees to attend online meeting. Overall, it is less time consuming and involves low cost as compared to face to face interaction.

Nevertheless, online mode of exchanging ideas involves virtual and technical issues. For instance, in order to attend online meetings, there is a need to have a high quality internet connectivity to get the good quality audio and video. In addition to this, some cyber criminals can hack the sensitive business information and may use it in appropriate manner.

To conclude, the digital way of exchanging idea is the most effective way and it involves less cost compared to face to face meetings. It is fast and convenient. Sometimes technical issues may delay the sharing of information. Even so, in my opinion, the advantages it offers to individuals and companies outweigh the disadvantages.

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