In Many Professional Sports, There Is An Increase In The Number Of Athletes Using Banned Substances | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

In many professional sports, there is an increase in the number of athletes using banned substances to improve their performance. What are the causes of the phenomenon and what are some of the possible solutions?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Many young people are interested in building a career in sports. To improve performance in their sports activity, sports persons are using drugs which are banned. To win the competition the athletes take this short cut and become famous. However, this kind of illegal activities should not be accepted. There must be stringent laws against the use of performance enhancement drugs. Every athlete must be tested medically before they perform on field.

In the current competitive world of sports, sports professionals use banned substances like heroin, cocaine to enhance their performance on field. These drugs increase the energy in the body, increase the muscle power and endurance and improve breathing capacity. These benefits attract the athletes and they think this can be the best short cut to win the competition. By winning the game, athletes become famous. This lure of fame encourages them to use more and more drugs. However, this is an offence and athletes should not do this. Since events like Olympics are a celebration of human strength and endurance, taking these drugs defeat the very purpose of holding them.

To prevent this kind of criminal activities, the board of the sports must have strict rules and regulations. An athlete with a history of doping must be banned from playing that game. Secondly, to prevent athletes from taking the drug before the event, they must be medically checked. Medical tests performed through exhaled air or an instant blood test before going on field can reduce the offensive activities of drug consumption.

In conclusion, sports persons use drugs which are banned to improve their on-field performance. This is not a legal way to increase chances of winning the game. To eliminate offensive activities, strict laws should be passed and every player must be medically checked before playing on the ground.

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