In Many Places Women Are Taking Jobs Which Are Traditionally Done By Men | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

In many places women are taking jobs which are traditionally done by men. What do you think make these changes happen? What is your opinion about it?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

In contemporary settings, due to the prevalence of feminist movement, more and more females are hired in some industries which conventionally are the domains of males. The contributors of this transformation will be discussed in this essay along with the reasons why I believe this is a blessing rather than a curse. Multiple factors facilitate this trend.

 To be more specific, an increasing number of women receive tertiary education and thus, the professional knowledge obtained from such experience enables them to enter / join some companies, working as engineers, scientists and lawyers. In addition, several decades ago, most tasks were performed by hand, which made men in an advantageous position due to their relatively stronger bodies. By contrast, nowadays, the vast majority of manual jobs are performed by machines, and the requirement for workers is not strength but the skills of operating these mechanics, which makes the females on a par with their male counterparts. 

This improvement exerts positive influence on both females and their families. Women are always detail-oriented, so if they are working as scientists or doctors, they have higher chances of obtaining huge success. A good example is the female scientist Madame Curie who attributed her success in the discovery of the element Ra to the fact that she identified the minor difference in their daily research outcomes. Consequently, by focusing on these divergences and doing deep research, she found the element and reaped breakthrough in their research. Besides, formerly, the roles of women were confined to being housewives, which earned them no salaries. Hence, their families depended on their husbands’ salaries, but in the modern times, the combined salaries of both husbands and wives enable them to have better lifestyles.

In conclusion, the reasons for the increase in women’s involvement in work which used to be done by men are their educational qualifications and the development of technologies which eliminate manual labour.

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