In Many Countries, The Level of Crime Is Increasing | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

In many countries the level of crime is increasing and crimes are becoming more violent. Why do you think this is and what can be done about it? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your experience.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Universally crime rate has increased. All over the world, more and more incidences of crime are being reported. The nature of the crime has also become more violent. This essay will discuss why the crime has increased and what can be done about it.

Crime rate has been on the rise throughout the world. There are various reasons, the main being poverty. Population is increasing along with poverty. Hence, many jobless / unemployed people commit crimes to feed their family. Criminal activities are more common in undeveloped areas than in developed areas because of poverty and unemployment. Crime is by no means a source of income, but when the environment is filled with criminal tendencies, the incidences of crime increase.

Numerous measures can be adopted to address the rise / increase in crime rate. The first is to educate the people about the side effects of conviction and how it will have an impact not only on the individual but also the whole family. In addition, the government should conduct workshops to raise awareness about the importance of education for children. Also, poor people should be provided with employment so as to distract them from criminal activity and help them earn income from ethical means. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop, hence being occupied in various activities helps in bringing down the crime rate.

In conclusion, no matter how genuine the reason is crime by no means can be justified. This essay discussed why the crime rate has increased and what measures can be taken to stop it. Everybody deserves a second chance, at least on humanitarian grounds the criminals should be given an opportunity to correct their wrongdoings to lead a better life so that this world becomes crime free one day.

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