In Many Countries, The Amount Of Crime Is Increasing | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

In many countries, the amount of crime is increasing. What do you think are the main causes of crime? How can we deal with those causes?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

The surge in crime rate across the globe is alarming. The main causes which lead to criminal tendencies can be external problems or innate criminal drives. Addressing the root cause is the only way to reduce crime rate.

To begin with, people face many difficulties in lives. In a difficult situation, some people seek a quick way out and commit crimes. These criminals feel attracted towards crime due to their own inability to succeed. Remedying to the root cause of a problem is essential to reduce the crime rate. For instance, in a few African countries, people are struggling with fewer resources. Hence, people commit crime to gain access to those limited resources. The influence of media is another factor increasing the crime rate. Films and television programmes often glorify crime and encourage their audience to engage in similar activities. Substance abuse could be a reason too. People who do drugs are more likely to commit crime because they have lost their ability to think rationally.

In order to address these issues, it is important to make opportunities to available to all sections of the poverty. If people can meet their basic needs without much difficulty they are less likely to commit crime. Enforcing strict law and order is important too. The judicial system must work more efficiently and criminals should be dealt with properly. This will create fear in the minds of potential criminals and act as a deterrent. Sometimes, crime is a result of psychological problems. For example, some people revel in hate crimes. They involve themselves in acts of terrorism and indoctrinate others. These people will need stricter punishment based on the nature of their crime. Schools should have psychologists as student counselors so psychopathic behavior can be detected and corrected at young age.

To sum up, poverty, greed and psychological issues can all trigger crime. Making more opportunities available to all people and ensuring equitable distribution of wealth will curb criminal tendencies to a great extent. There should be strict enforcement of law and order too.

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