In Many Countries, People Throw Away A Lot Of Food From Restaurants And Shops | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

In many countries, people throw away a lot of food from restaurants and shops. Why do you think people waste food in this way? What can be done to reduce the amount of food thrown away?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Food wastage has always been a major problem in many countries. However, this situation has only exacerbated in today’s world due to the proliferation of food outlets across the world. This essay intends to delve into the reasons behind this phenomenon of food wastage and suggest some solutions to this pressing problem.

There are many factors that are encouraging people to throw away left over food items. The most significant reason that prompts this behaviour is the expectation of more orders from customers. Thus, restaurant owners cook overwhelming quantities of food to cater to their customer base. However, oftentimes the number of orders fall short of their expectations to their disappointment. Therefore, they have to dump the perishable food items in the dustbin. This is unfortunate especially since this food could have been used to feed the impoverished sections of the society. Another major blunder that restaurants and catering services make is to stock huge amounts of grains and cereals which in the end need to be disposed of as they reach their expiry date in a short period. People also order a lot more food than they can possibly eat while eating in restaurants. This also leads to wastage. Another cause of this problem is the obsession with celebrating even minor occasions in a grand manner. Oftentimes, such events serve multiple cuisines and cook enormous quantities of food without even bothering to check whether the number of invitees will be able to consume all of that.

There are many measures that human society can take collectively to ameliorate this disturbing problem of food wastage. First of all, awareness drives should be conducted by restaurant and hotel chain owners to make people sensible of the downsides of ordering more food than they can consume. The second thing that restaurants can do is to create a visual demonstration of the efforts that go into the preparation of various food items. This will discourage people from wasting food. Lastly, the government should form laws that prevent large shops from hoarding food items. Restaurants and citizens collaboratively can form a union where excess food is distributed to the needy. This movement would help in the overall development of society.

To conclude, people and restaurants should be cognizant or should be made cognizant of their wastage of food by government and NGO’s and additionally proper channel should be created to share excess food with the needy.

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