In Many Countries, Paying For Things Using Mobile Phones Is Becoming Increasingly Common | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

In many countries, paying for things using mobile phone apps is becoming increasingly common. Does this development have more advantages or more disadvantages? 

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

In this contemporary era, mobile payments have been growing rapidly. Paying for goods and services via mobile phones is becoming popular not only in developed countries but also in many developing countries across the globe. Since everything has two sides, this essay will discuss the pros and cons of this type of payment.

Talking about the positives first, the most obvious one is the convenience it offers to people. In other words, one does not need to carry cash or exact change to buy a product and can pay using a single tap. Secondly, payments through a digital platform are recorded digitally. Therefore, one does not have to keep track of the transaction, which makes expense management a breeze. For example, Paytm, an online payment platform, allows people to send and receive money as well as pay for goods and services. Thus, people tend to use these platforms more rather than relying on traditional methods. 

Having said that, there are several drawbacks to using these digital platforms. Firstly, such apps are frequently prone to cyber-attacks. That is to say, payment banks do not have the level of security features which a regular bank boasts of. As a result, many people using these apps fall prey to hackers. Financial information saved on the mobile phone can also get exposed and misused if the device is stolen.

To conclude, making payments via mobile apps certainly poses some security concerns; even so, in my opinion, the advantages offered by these platforms outweigh the disadvantages because they allow instant transfer of money from anywhere and at any time. The security concerns can be mitigated to a great extent by taking adequate precautions.

Band 8 IELTS essay sample 2

Across the world, digital payments through mobile apps are becoming a growing trend. I believe this development in technology has more advantages than disadvantages because mobile app payments are convenient and easy, and also people get additional benefits while they transact.

Digital payments through mobile apps have brought significant benefit to masses in terms of ease and convenience. The dependency on cash and credit cards has reduced drastically because of mobile apps payment. People can easily manage and track their transaction history on apps as they almost always carry their mobile phones. For example, a customer may reach the store and may not have cash or credit card to make a purchase, but as he will most certainly have the mobile phone with him, he can easily make the transaction through app.

The other advantage of making payments through mobile app is that people get to earn many rewards and benefits. As digital payments are becoming an increasing trend, there are also referral programs that app companies offer. They not only offer cash back offers but also give deal discounts on other transactions which customers do not normally/usually get if they do credit card or cash payments. To illustrate, paying my utility bill through Paytm mobile app earns me a discount of 5% on every transaction and some apps offer me cash back scheme on transactions.

In conclusion, payment thorough mobile apps has more benefits than any drawback because it has simplified how we transact today and it also provides multiple monetary benefits to customers.

Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Usage of smartphones has become increasingly popular. This smart device has made life easier for people by allowing them to pay for products and services. In my opinion, this advancement is more advantageous than disadvantageous and in this essay, I will elaborate on the reasons behind my standpoint.

To commence with, the biggest benefit offered by the cellular phone apps is the convenience to pay for anything from anywhere. In this fast-paced world, where everybody is struggling to find the time, these applications have created an efficient and time-saving way to complete all the necessary payments with just a couple of clicks. Moreover, these applications offer various cashbacks and offers that help people save a lot of money. For instance, the mobile payment app Paytm has made people’s life easier as they not only have great offers but also make it possible to give exact change to the recipient without any hassle.

On the contrary, the foremost challenge faced by this advancement is the financial risks involved in the transactions. People have to key in their bank account details or debit/credit card details before initiating any transaction and, this is the kind of information hackers and fraudsters are looking for. Access to such confidential information can cause severe damage to one’s financial stability. Several instances of fraudulent activities such as breach of financial databases of companies are reported in news every other day. However, companies are formulating various strategies such as incorporating more encryption and anti-virus solutions to make their applications robust and thus reduce the risks.

To conclude, the benefits offered by cellular phone applications certainly outweigh the downsides. With proper surveillance and safety protocols, even their drawbacks can be limited to a great extent.

Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample 2

It is true that the usage of mobile phone applications to make payments is becoming popular in most countries. While there are some downsides to this trend, I believe that it has made our lives more convenient and thus offer an equal number of advantages.

One the one hand, I believe that using mobile phones to make payment is convenient and time saving. For example, if we want to pay electricity bills, we do not have to waste our time in commuting and standing in the queue. It can be done by sitting at our homes by using mobile phones. Nowadays people do not need to carry cash and cards everywhere. They can pay for their shopping, food or gas by using mobile phones. Moreover, mobile phone applications provide a variety of cash back offers and coupons when we use them to make payments.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks to using mobile phone apps for making payments. Most of the older people are not good with sophisticated technology and they find it hard to use these applications to make payments. Therefore, they have to rely on others for making transactions. This makes them vulnerable to frauds. Cases of cybercrime are also increasing day by day. There are reports of people losing all of their money because they unknowingly clicked on some links which they received via email or message on mobile phones. It has become very easy for cyber criminals to mug people who are not aware of these kinds of frauds.

In conclusion, although there are several downsides to using mobile phone applications for payments, I think that our day to day tasks have become easier than in the past due to these technological advancements. Hence, in my opinion, there are an equal number of advantages and disadvantages to this development.

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    The bar chart illustrates the information about how many Australian female and male in six different age categories who were physically active on a regular basis in the year of 2010.
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  2. Waleed Talabani says:

    In modern day lifestyle it is very common to pay for items using applications that are available in mobile devices. As there are many drop backs to this method of paying in some countries, it is arguably the swiftest way of payment in most technologically developed countries. This essay will discuss the advantages of the transition from using payments by cash into using electronically programmed applications, and comparing it with its disadvantages.

    Many of us have had that time when we left embarrassed at the cashier looking for our wallet or purse, we sometimes left our items and got back home to bring money in order to make the payment. There are many other occasions where we couldn’t carry enough amount of money with us throughout the day, as we might have stumbled upon a certain situation where we needed to do a purchasing. Also, the annoying use of change, where it becomes necessary at grocery stores or even vending machines.

    On the other hand, while there is a continuous development of programming and the integrated use of smart phone in our regular daily life, having an application for making payments makes it a lot easier for us humans. As long as I’m carrying my cell phone, I don’t need to worry about where did I left my wallet at, or how much money should I bring up with me for a hang-out with the friends. It is fair to mention that using the application instead of cash, will also reduce time; as there will be no counting or inspection on whether the bill notes are genuine or not. Mobile phones and it’s applications are practically easy to handle, even when money is involved, you can link your credit card or even personal bank account with your device.

    The disadvantages to the use of smart mobile applications, however, are quite few, as the only fear is when your application is vulnerable to hackers. or when you forget your phone somewhere and not having a password lock on. This could make it easy to withdraw money from your accounts.

    The modern life and its complex developments, lead us to this day where we are able to use our mobile phones to make purchases without the use of credit cards or cash. Which we concluded that the advantages of this method is practically much easier, because it takes less time, less effort and of course little worries on how to know if the money is not counterfeit. Where the disadvantages are very few to mention, and its related to the phone as a whole not directly to application itself.

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