In Many Countries, Paying For Things Using Mobile Apps Is Becoming Increasingly Common | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

In many countries, paying for things using mobile phone apps is becoming increasingly common. Does this development have more advantages or disadvantages?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

The advancements in technology have made our life effortless. Nowadays, the majority of the population utilize this technology for many purposes such as paying bills, banking and shopping. Though there are certain disadvantages to online payment, its merits outweigh them.

There are numerous benefits to E-payment. Firstly, people can pay bills from their comfort zones, be it home or office by a simple click of the button. This saves them a lot of time and energy. For instance, they do not have to travel to the telephone office or stand in long queue to remit their bills anymore. Instead they can use this valuable time for other meaningful purposes.

Secondly, payment through apps saves us money. Many applications offer discounts and reductions when payment is made through them. For example, I received a 5% cashback for my first electricity bill payment made through GPay. These offers are a major reason for the wide use of such applications. Thus, it is clear that E-payment saves humankind his valuable time and money.

Having said that, there are a few downsides to this payment modality. Older people may not be familiar with the latest technology and their applications. In other words, the elderly can find it rather complicated. Therefore, online payment may be unsuitable for most older people. There is also the risk of fraud. If the phone or the laptop gets stolen, the payment information saved on it could be misused.

To conclude, in this advanced world people prefer to use mobile phone applications for transactions. Even though it has some disadvantages, online payment saves mankind time, energy and money and hence its advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Here is another essay on the same topic.

Band 8 IELTS essay sample 2

More and more customers are using mobile applications to make payments. Although some people are more concerned about the security vulnerabilities of mobile payment apps, the benefits offered by them are immense.

Cashless payment has become the de-facto standard in many countries. In this essay, I will discuss the advantages of this situation and prove why the drawbacks are negligible.  In recent times, most banks have embraced the digital revolution. Cashless transactions attract more customers as they are convenient. Customers do not have to carry multiple cards in their wallet. Smartphones allow users to install applications through which payments can be made for their purchase. While shopping for groceries in a retail store, customers and merchants find it challenging to tender exact change when they do not have coins or notes of smaller denominations. Payment apps offer a solution to such issues by enabling users to make payments of the exact amount without actually exchanging any currency.

Cashless payments are also considered eco-friendly. The required invoices and payment confirmation are sent to their mobile devices directly. In case of any disputes in the transactions, customers find it easy to retrieve their invoices from digital wallets. On the other hand, physical cards can be easily stolen, and fraudulent transactions could be initiated. Furthermore, if a wallet is lost or stolen with multiple cards in them, customers find it challenging to disable or block their cards to prevent misuse.

On the other hand /on the flip side, mobile applications use technologies such as near field communication to transmit signals. When mobile users are negligent, and ignorant of the security threats associated with these gadgets, they might end up being a victim of cyber crime.

In summary, although there are trivial security issues associated with the usage of mobile apps while making payments, the benefits outnumber the drawbacks. The drawbacks are considered miniscule, and they should often be ignored. The digital transformation is considered the future and the customers should embrace this change wholeheartedly.

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  1. Waleed Talabani says:

    In modern day lifestyle it is very common to pay for items using applications that are available in mobile devices. As there are many drop backs to this method of paying in some countries, it is arguably the swiftest way of payment in most technologically developed countries. This essay will discuss the advantages of the transition from using payments by cash into using electronically programmed applications, and comparing it with its disadvantages.

    Many of us have had that time when we left embarrassed at the cashier looking for our wallet or purse, we sometimes left our items and got back home to bring money in order to make the payment. There are many other occasions where we couldn’t carry enough amount of money with us throughout the day, as we might have stumbled upon a certain situation where we needed to do a purchasing. Also, the annoying use of change, where it becomes necessary at grocery stores or even vending machines.

    On the other hand, while there is a continuous development of programming and the integrated use of smart phone in our regular daily life, having an application for making payments makes it a lot easier for us humans. As long as I’m carrying my cell phone, I don’t need to worry about where did I left my wallet at, or how much money should I bring up with me for a hang-out with the friends. It is fair to mention that using the application instead of cash, will also reduce time; as there will be no counting or inspection on whether the bill notes are genuine or not. Mobile phones and it’s applications are practically easy to handle, even when money is involved, you can link your credit card or even personal bank account with your device.

    The disadvantages to the use of smart mobile applications, however, are quite few, as the only fear is when your application is vulnerable to hackers. or when you forget your phone somewhere and not having a password lock on. This could make it easy to withdraw money from your accounts.

    The modern life and its complex developments, lead us to this day where we are able to use our mobile phones to make purchases without the use of credit cards or cash. Which we concluded that the advantages of this method is practically much easier, because it takes less time, less effort and of course little worries on how to know if the money is not counterfeit. Where the disadvantages are very few to mention, and its related to the phone as a whole not directly to application itself.

  2. dilshoda says:

    Living in a country where you have to speak a foreign language can cause serious social problems, as well as practical problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    people who live in a foreign country may face not only social but also some practical problems as they do not know local language. However, I disagree with the idea that this is so serious a problem because it can be solved out with the help of technology and little effort from locals and migrants.
    To begin with, nowadays migration for job, education, business or living has become so famous among all classes of people throught the world. So I belive that the citizens of the host country are aware that many migrants would be be unable to communicate correctly or know cultural tradions. As a result, most of them help new individuals as much as they can. As a prevalent example, my brother has been living in Korea for nearly 2 years and he has not complained about any social or cultural issues yet. Once he mentioned that inhabitants were so friendly and helpful that he learned their language in a month with their help.
    Mpreover, people can use a varied types of technology to work out a number of practical issues which may arise in another country such as finding a direction, ordering food or asking a citizen for help, if they do not know how the language. For example, “Google Maps” or “Translater” applications can really help them to overcome these kinds of issues. One of my relatives who lived in the USA for more than 5 years said that she usually utilized these apps in the first year of her living in other part of the world and they aided her very much.
    In conclusion, I approve of the notion that living in a foreign country and facing language barrier is sometimes troublesome, bur they can be taken care of by the effort of locals and the usage of modern technology.

  3. dilshoda says:

    Nowadays, many people choose to be self-employed rather than to work for a company. Why might this be the case? what could be disadvantages of being self-employed?

    It is becoming more common that most individuals want to start their own business instead of working for a particular company mainly due to the increasing number amount of support for young entrepreneurs. Also, several reasons contribute to this phenomenon, and there are some drawbacks of self-employment which will be discussedin this essay.
    A number of causes instigate to be self- employed. The first reason is that young entrpreneurs can be allowed a great deal of freedom that comes along with their new business. Secondly, myriad of organizations which provide a well-paid job require high academic qualification and years of work experience. As a consequence, most people can not get a high-waged profession owing to lack of experience. also I should not forget to mention that individuals desiring to set up personal business want to become rich faster with their strenth rather than to spend most of their life in another person’s company.
    As every garden has its own weeds, being seld-employed person is not free of disadvantages. To begin with, there is no guarantee for flourishing started business or earning sufficiant money for ones’ daily needs while working for their own. Moreover, people who begin self-employment need to work all days, spend a lot of time in working on their business projects. thus, they can not allocate much time with their family as well as friends. In addition, it may cause varied health problems such as stress which leads even more serious deseases.
    In conclusion, starting one’s new company is beneficial in many sides of life even though it has several drawbacks which make people think that this sort of work is not suitable for everyone.

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