In Many Countries Couples Decide To Have A Child At An Advanced Age | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

In many countries, people decide to have a child at a later age. Why is this? Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

In the modern society, many couples have delayed parenthood unlike in the past. There are some reasons behind this trend, and i strongly believe that there are for more drawbacks than benefits to this development.

To begin with, a few reasons can be given to justify the trend of giving birth at later stages of life. First, the labour market is becoming competitive and it is quite normal that parents decide not to have a child during the early years of their marriage. In other words, as  women start to pursue higher studies and enter the workforce, they tend to delay their marriage  and have children later in their life; they cannot balance family and work due to the responsibilities of childbearing and parenting. Second, some couples do not want to sacrifice their social life by having children when they are young. To be more precise, having children during the initial years of their marriage will deprive them of the opportunity to enjoy life as they want. For example, the majority of young couples prefer travelling and enjoying their life to sitting at home and raising their children

On the other hand, I feel that there are several negative effects to this trend. First, delaying pregnancy can lead to some health complications. Fertility starts to decline after the age of thirty, and babies born after this age can have higher risk of health conditions such as Down`s syndrome and other genetic birth defects. Second, having a child later can cause a significant age gap between the two generations and this will make it harder for parents to communicate with their children. Besides, it will be financially demanding for parents to send their young children to colleges or universities when they are close to retirement or universities, and this could mean delayed or difficult retirement for parents.

To conclude, People prefer having children later in life because they want to improve their career and enjoy their social life; however, I strongly believe that the demerits of this development far outweigh the merits.

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2 Responses

  1. Hamid says:

    One of the new trends of modern life is to postpone having children to an older age,
    in many countries. Although developing this trend would have some advantages, notably,
    having the adequate amount of time for academic education, developing a better career,
    and sparing more social time with friends, there are also some disadvantages to this
    practice as well.

    To begin with, nowadays, People are more likely to pursue their higher education to
    improve their skills and qualifications for a prospective career. Therefore, having
    fewer concerns about the parenthood responsibilities, they can give priority to their
    job to grow to senior management levels. As a result, they would be able to make a
    better living and access to better financial resources to lead a happy life. Furthermore,
    some people might think that they would have sufficient time to socialize with friends
    by having fewer family engagements. They would like to join plenty of recreational
    activities and have more personal freedom as a result of this practice.

    On the other hand, this trend has some downsides which ought to be taken into account
    carefully. The significant risk of having children in older ages is the complexity of
    the delivery process for women as well as the increased chances of severe damage to
    the baby’s health. For instance, it has been claimed by some research works that babies
    whose mothers aged above 35 in the delivery year are more vulnerable to respiratory
    diseases. Another disadvantage of this taught is that it creates a considerable gap,
    regarding the age, between the family members. This gap may lead to some confrontations
    and conflicts between children and parents because they cannot understand each other well.

    In conclusion, I am convinced that the disadvantages of having children in an elder age
    would far outweigh its benefits. The higher risk of having a newborn with health issues
    and the distinct cultural gap between parents and children can be named some of the
    demerits of this development.

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