In Many Countries, Children Are Engaged In Some Kind Of Paid Work | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

In many countries, children are engaged in some kind of paid work. Some people regard this as completely wrong, while others consider it as valuable work experience, important for learning and taking responsibility. What are your opinions on this issue?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Adolescents in several nations are involved in some type of paid employment. Some individuals believe that this is absolutely incorrect, whereas, others opine that it provides relevant experience which is vital for learning and absorbing responsibilities. This essay will discuss both aspects and argue why it is wrong to engage children in paid labour.

One the one hand, employment at a very young age can have several drawbacks. Firstly, there are chances of exploitation by supervisors as kids are very naive. For instance, they may be made to work for longer hours and low wages. Secondly, they may also be bullied by their co-workers causing psychological and emotional issues for them. Lastly, working children find it difficult to focus on their studies and eventually they drop out of school. Unfortunately, this hinders their overall growth and career.

On the other hand, there are a few benefits to paid work. The foremost one is that they learn to value money at a young age and spend it wisely which in turn makes them financially secure adults. For children coming from very poor backgrounds, the paid employment could be an opportunity to support their family. However, children can only find manual labour. Since they lack formal educational qualifications, they cannot find a good job that secures their future. And if the job causes them to leave school, it will have disastrous consequences for their future.

In conclusion, in my opinion the disadvantages surely outweigh the advantages of engaging children in paid work. Countries should have certain age limitations as to when they can work legally, so their childhood and innocence is not disturbed.

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10 Responses

  1. Arunnnn says:

    It not surprising that, in many nation children’s are occupied with some kind of paid employment.It is often considered by many that children doing paid job is completely not acceptable, while i would agree with those who argued that it offers incredible job experience and sense of responsibility children can have in their career.

    On the one hand, it is commonly argued by many that children doing paid employment when are learning is certainly have adverse impact on their performance in other words, children may get poor results or they may fail in academic year this would probably pave the way for termination from school. For instance a recent survey conducted in rural area shows that there is noticeable decrease in results of students who busy in working outside. Thus, many thought that children occupied with work while studying is not applicable it has negative impact on their studies.

    On the other hand, some people argued that children who engaged in paid work would definitely get a excellent opportunity to explore themselves to earn money and to support their family .In others words children would not be a burden for family instead they support family for thier daily living. In addition it teaches a lesson about the value of money and how to spend it wisely instead of spending mindlessly. Furthermore students would like to perform better more in their academics. For example, Bangalore University conducted a survey shows that performance of students employees are 5percent higher that non working students.Therefore , children should do paid job as it pave the way ro recognise his own responsibility and value of money.

    To conclude, undoubtedly, despite children occupied with paid job in early age offers some disadvantages , i strongly believe that students should do some kind of jobs to earn wages which gives sense of responsibility.

  2. raja says:

    In my opinion many countries, children are used to paying workers. some peoples believe that it’s absolutely incorrect. while other people consider it will help children’s to learn the work and they support the family members. We can discuss the pros and cons of the children’s work.
    On the one hand, some people treat the children’s doesn’t give enough wages and put a lot of pressure on children’s. So many children are doing work because of their poor background. They take responsibility for their family and give support to them. While in their working environment they are bullied by their co-workers and teased by them Child work can affect children to their mental and physical abilities, and also they eventually drop out of school. It can be affected the physical and mental abilities of children.
    On the other hand, some people think that by working they gain some knowledge on the work they do. They can give value to the money and take responsibility. they support their family by working in some places. children from poor family backgrounds help them to support their families. they didn’t get good jobs because they drop out of school. The work experience can give the opportunity to build their future on a relevant skill they do and worked.
    I conclude that there are more disadvantages to compare with advantages. So, the government implemented an age limit for children who work legally.

  3. Tannu says:

    It goes without saying that every human being fulfills their physiological needs.because without food , shelter,cloth we can not live our life.All these needs are essential for us.for attain primary needs. We require money.however, some people feel that children are involved in some type of paid work is absolutely incorrect, while others believe that it provides relevant experience which is important for learning and absorbing responsibilities.It is certainly debatable.

    One the one hand ,it does seem that people’s perception regarding children labour is wrong .some people do feel that paid work in young age there are chances of exploitation by supervisors
    Furthermore, working hours are longer and wages are low .And there is a hindrance in their studies and growth career.

    On the other hand, it also seem that In many nations children are engaged in some kind of paid employment.To begin with there are few benefits of paid work
    The foremost one is that they learn the value of money in young age and spend it wisely .they do not depend on their families.a feeling of independency creates among them . They are capable of taking responsibility in younger age.

    In conclusion, I firmly believe that government should put certain age limitations as they can work legally,so their childhood is not distrub.

    • Manjusha Nambiar says:

      This seems band 6 to me.

      • Tannu says:

        How can I improve it to attain 7.5

        • Manjusha Nambiar says:

          Would you like to use my writing correction service?

          • Trần Thị Hào says:

            It is quite common these days that young people often take part in the workforce earlier than ever before, with the greater demand for practical experience.This trend is either disapproved or approved by some groups. Personally, as a rule of thumb, I assume that students should consider studying tasks as top priority.

            There are some reasonable reasons why students tend to decide to engage in some paid work. Firstly, they already have had a long time of studying at school and they feel it is high time they put theory into practice. Entering a kind of work not only broadens their view of life but also enables them to gain a lot of valuable experience such as taking responsibility enduring pressure, and following discipline . Almost all of them wish this knowledge would be useful as a tool to convince the employers when they apply for a job in the future.Secondly, thanks to earned wages, young people are able to share the financial burden with their parents. As a result, they become more independent of their parents in terms of finance.

            However, students often take over unimportant positions such as waiters in the coffee shop, part-time sellers, shippers for shops,… due to the age limitation and low academic degree.Obviously, these experiences do not help their CVs or academic performance in the long run. Besides, students who work early are likely to be distracted from studying, while this is the most important task for them. This makes sense because they have to spend time on other work instead of studying only. In some cases, students gradually underestimate the dominant role of studying and are attracted by the small payoffs.For worse, they could drop out of school due to bad academic performance for a long time. Eventually, with unsatisfying academic qualifications, these young people could not meet the higher demand of the competitive job market. They throw good career opportunities away on their own

            In conclusion, due to the reasons I have mentioned above, I believe that students should consider study as the most important task. For better- paid jobs in the future, they should learn to balance the amount of time spent learning and doing.

            Thank you so much!

          • Manjusha Nambiar says:

            This seems band 6.5 to me.

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