In Many Cities, The Use Of Video Cameras In Public Places Is Being Increased In Order To Reduce Crime | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

In many cities the use of video cameras in public places is being increased in order to reduce crime, but some people believe that these measures restrict our individual freedom. Do the benefits of increased security outweigh the drawbacks?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

It is indeed true that video cameras are increasing being used in many metropolitan cities to deter crime. While I accept that surveillance cameras invade our privacy, in my opinion, the benefits of using them to improve security undoubtedly outweigh the demerits.

The installation of video cameras at public places certainly leads to the invasion of privacy. They capture each and every moment and as such people who are aware of their presence often feel forced to make a conscious effort to conduct themselves respectably when they access public places. While this is not a major issue, it can certainly be a nuisance at times.

Even so, I would argue that the benefits derived from deploying video cameras at public places are more pronounced than the limitations. Firstly, they make public places safer by reducing or even preventing criminal activities. This is because being under the constant surveillance of video cameras deters both amateur and seasoned criminals from committing crimes. They understand that they are being watched and this stops them from doing anything illegal. For example, New Zealand, which is one of the most peaceful nations in the world, has considerably reduced the crime rate during night by installing video cameras at all public places. Of course, increasing police patrolling of streets may also help to reduce crime, but cameras have an advantage over human law keepers. Unlike a human police officer, a surveillance camera will not fall asleep or develop fatigue while on duty.

In conclusion, the advantages of utilizing / installing video cameras to enhance security at public places certainly outweigh the disadvantages.        After all, safety is more important than privacy.

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8 Responses

  1. Ziqiang Cheng says:

    The increased number of surveillance cameras in metropolises has become a hot topic on the internet. Many believe that these cameras are a threat to people’s privacy while others argue that it is thanks to these “sky eyes” that crime rate is on a constant decline. While freedom is crucial for everyone, I believe in public areas, these extreme measures bring about more benefits than drawbacks.

    The use of surveillance cameras in public areas provides better public security in multiple ways. Firstly, these cameras often prevent crimes from happening in the first place. The mere existence of them on the streets will make criminals think twice before they take actions. In addition, cameras installed in metro stations, for example, help to catch thieves who tend to operate in busy crowds. While it seems that their dirty deeds are well covered by people surrounding them, the smart placement of the camera high and above can easily catch any suspicious behaviours and help the police to identify the criminal. Furthermore, a surveillance camera placed in the public can serve as a watchman, to make people feel safer at night when they have to go out alone.

    On the other hand, the installation of video cameras arouses people’s concerns about their privacy and freedom. It is often believed that one feels more anxious and self-conscious when knowing each and every movement of him or her is constantly being watched. Moreover, the opposition of using surveillance cameras also concerns about the use of camera footage for purposes not intended. For example, we often see researches conducted based on the footages of cameras in public areas. Those who are recorded in the footages are often not given any choices whether they want to participate in the studies.

    In conclusion, the deployment of surveillance cameras in populated areas brings safety for the public and convenience for the police. While it may cause privacy issues, they are often times trivial. Thus, the advantages of having them outweighs the drawbacks.

  2. wizard says:

    Topic: It is becoming increasingly popular to have a year off between finishing school and joining universities. What are the advantages or disadvantages?

    My Response:

    Before they embark on their journey to university, many students around the globe are now thinking of travelling or working for a period of time. It is deemed as an excellent way to decompress and unwind. Undoubtedly, high school graduates are novices for the real world; this period helps bridge the gap between high-school and university and smoothens the daunting transition.

    Additionally, undertaking work or travelling equips them with invaluable skills which schools fail to teach. Working, for instance, makes them more independent, self-aware and even boosts their confidence and morale. This, coupled with the sense of invigoration that often ensues, is proving to have a positive upliftment on their psyche. Studies show it leads to lower stress levels in comparison to their peers, and this goes on to reflect in their academic achievements when at university – demographics have shown that those who took a year off even perform slightly better.

    It is therefore no surprise that many students are now resorting to a gap year, the quintessence being for travelling around. This provides them with the opportunities to immerse themselves in different cultures, explore new places and socialise, thus making it easier to interact with new people at university.

    Apart from all the advantages it possesses, students are choosing a gap year to, simply put, take a moment after twelve exhausting years of schooling. It helps them feel less burdened by the immense pressure that often accompanies university life.

    However, those who are sceptical of such an approach have highlighted how time could be better spent continuing to study. Taking a gap could be quite detrimental since many tend to forget the vital information they learnt in high school. Moreover, the sheer costs of travelling for a gap year cannot be ignored. Thus, many have called into question it’s advantages and do not believe it to be a pragmatic decision.

    PS: Do you mind including a sentence on why I scored the estimate band you will have provided?

  3. Farooq malik says:

    some people are of the opinion that the key to success and business is to possess a unique product to sell. to what extent do you agree or disagree.

    Some people think that the secret to business success now a days is simply to manufacture something unique. It is a fact that new and unique things have always been the focus of buyers , but that does not think business success depends on just one thing there are other things to consider if you want to grow your business. In this essay I will point out some aspects justify my opinion.
    selling something unique does not eliminate the responsibility of any business individual, on the contrary it increases many times over. Maintaining the quality after manufacturing something unique is mammoth challenge. After successfully manufacturing and bringing a unique item to market, you are not able to resolve complaints from customers and even also fail to maintain its quality, your business will gradually start to lose.
    In order to make any business successful the ability of the employees and the work they do is very considerable. Employees only receive salaries so it is a common observation that did not work diligently. therefore it is important to ensure that employees and mentally and physically prosper to ensure their involvement is filled In business activities if the needs of employees are not being considered they will surely considered changing jobs this will reduce the number of employees involved in the production of unique products and the company will be disturbed lysed as a result hiring new employees and training them will wasted lot of time and money.
    To summarise the findings,I would say that key to making a successful business is not only the manufacture unique product but many other factors should be considered. Such as accurate pricing,no compromise on quality and taking care of employees.

  4. neha says:

    Topic: In some countries today, there is an attitude that ‘anyone can do it’ in the arts – music, literature, acting, art, etc. As a result, people with no talent become rich and famous and genuine talent is not valued or appreciated. Do you agree or disagree?


    Art is a sound from within that people express in multiple forms. It is often argued that the outlook of ‘anyone can become artist’ – in arts such as music, literature, acting and art, leads people who lack talent to become wealthy and popular. While the others who really possess the caliber are not being appreciated. I totally disagree to this and believe that the everyone has a talent in arts, whether that talent remains hidden longer or gets exposed sooner.

    To oppose this, firstly, I think that becoming wealthier or richer is the by-product of the qualities one possesses and cannot come without possessing the capability. It could be the case that the qualities do not exposed for certain reasons, but that cannot be equated saying the person is having dearth of talent. For example, the very well-known voice now, was rejected almost 10 times by All India Radio station then. Later when his talent was recognized, he not only earned fame and money but also respect in society. Hence, saying ‘no talent’ is absolutely wrong since talent is quite a subjective word and everyone has it in one or the other form.

    To defy further, I put forward the second reason as the recognition of one sets no boundary to the other to get valued. Even if a less skilled person earns the rewards earlier, that doesn’t mean the chances of the more skilled reduce as the field of art is vast enough to accommodate any and every kind of talent. For example, people have accepted hundreds and thousands of writers, poets, singers, painters, irrespective of number of artists, genre of music and different taste of arts. Therefore, only the sky is the limit for arts and popularity or wealth earned by one has no serious effect on the acceptance of other artists.

    In conclusion, artistic talent is a possession that every individual has, that brings to him wealth and makes him renowned. I strongly disagree that the people who become rich or famous have no talents and their becoming so, puts any restriction on the growth of the others.

    (Kindly review and let me know your comments on the essay. Thanks in advance!)

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