Immigration Has An Impact On Society | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Immigration has an impact on society. What are the main reasons for immigration? To what consequences can it lead?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

The number of people moving overseas has been surging since the last few decades and this development has various repercussions for the motherland. This essay will discuss the root causes of this problem and its adverse effects.

On the one hand, in most of the developing countries, there is an immense issue of unemployment, and these countries are facing the disquieting problem of the brain drain. The highly qualified young generation, in particular, opt to fly abroad, so that they can enhance their career prospects and get top-notch paycheques. Besides, the developed nations do offer an extremely sophisticated lifestyle that lures the folks to migrate.

On the flip side, this trend has numerous after-effects on the society. Firstly, there will be a lack of skilled workers in the mother-land. If the doctors, nurses or other in-demand professionals, for instance, leave their countries, it will eventually create a shortage of skilled professionals. The resident citizens will get treated by the quacks in such a scenario. Unfortunately, this will hurt the development of the society. Also, when young people move out leaving old people behind, governments will have fewer taxpayers and more dependents, who will need pensions.

In conclusion, talented people are migrating in search of better jobs and lifestyles that are not exactly available in their country. Unfortunately, this migration hurts the development of their mother country by causing a shortage of skilled people to run the industries and other sectors. At the same time, developed nations who receive immigrants benefit from their expertise.

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  1. Mahmoud says:

    In this era of globalization, thanks to the effective transportation and electronic communication the world has become a small village. Therefore, immigration from developing countries to developed countries has increased dramatically. This essay will discuss the main causes of immigration and its possible outcomes.

    To begin with, with the technological advancements in the field of the internet, people living in developing countries become aware of the high quality of life in other parts of the world surrounding them. Consequently, they start working hard to be able to immigrate to such countries and have the opportunity to live and raise their offspring in a better place. Another possible reason for immigration is the increasing number of wars in The Eastern Region which force these countries’ citizens to refuge and immigrate to The West.

    Regarding the consequences, unfortunately, many developed countries are suffering from increasing racism rates after plenty of immigrants settle down there. To illustrate, some citizens of those states can not cope with the new immigrants because of their totally different cultures and traditions so they may deal with them in a racial way. In contrast, immigration also has a myriad of positive effects on nations. For example, immigrants are usually very ambitious and ready to work hard for the countries they have moved to. Therefore, there are many countries which depend on immigration processes to develop and prosper, especially countries with low-population such as Canada.

    In conclusion, searching for a better quality of life in terms of education and health systems may be the main reason for immigration process which has both positive and negative impacts on societies.

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