IELTS writing test in India: Should people plan for their retirement?

The following essay question was asked in an IELTS test held in India in April. You should spend 40 minutes on this task. You have to write at least 250 words.

People should plan for their retirement by saving money. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Model Essay

People who work in the service sector have to retire someday. And when they retire, their earning capacity declines or simply disappears. Unless you are in a career with guaranteed retirement benefits, you need to start planning for those twilight years while you are still working and earning.

Many people dread their retirement years and that is hardly surprising. When people retire they lose their steady stream of income. This could make them feel worthless. Retirement years are also plagued by health problems and other worries. People who haven’t planned for this stage by saving enough money will find it difficult to tide over this crisis.

In many countries, for example, in India parents expect their children to take care of them when they grow old. Although many young people will willingly provide for their aged parents, some are not all that generous. Needless to say, many aged people are now forced to spend their last years in old age homes because their children are either unwilling or incapable of taking care of them. If these people had secured their retirement years by saving money, they would have been able to lead a dignified life until their last breath.

What’s more, people’s perception of retirement has undergone a tremendous change in recent years. Gone are the days when retirement was all about babysitting one’s grandchildren.  Now many aged people have their own dreams and aspirations. For example, they might want to learn a new skill or do a bit of traveling. None of these would be possible if they didn’t have money in their hand.

Of course, people working in the public sector will receive pension and other benefits when they retire. They may not need to plan for their retirement by saving money. Still, planning makes life easier. It makes us better equipped to handle the many surprises that life throws at us.

In conclusion, planning for one’s retirement by saving money is absolutely necessary. It makes life more enjoyable and free of worries.Even if a person is working in the public sector with guaranteed retirement benefits, it makes sense to build a retirement corpus by setting aside a small sum every month.

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