Reasons for Internet Usage in the UK in the Year 2001

The following chart illustrates reasons for Internet usage in the United Kingdom in the year 2001.  Those surveyed were adults at least 21 years of age.  Summarize the information presented.

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The given chart illustrates the reasons for which adults in the United Kingdom used internet in the year 2001. The data indicates utilization differences between men and women. Email is the most popular internet activity among both men and women. Roughly 98% of the British men and 96% of the British women surveyed used the internet for sending and receiving email in 2001. The second most popular use of the internet is commerce. Around 62% of the women surveyed purchased goods over the internet in 2001. Surprisingly, only around 38% of the men did online shopping during the specified time span. Another activity that is equally popular among both men and women is banking. Around 42% of both men and women used internet for banking purposes in 2001. While gaming is a popular internet use among men (almost 38% of them used internet for gaming), personal healthcare search enjoys similar popularity among women. Women aren’t exactly into online gaming. Less than 20% of them used internet for gaming in 2001. It looks like men aren’t quite interested in searching for medical information over the internet and that is kind of surprising because it is one of the most popular internet uses among women. Less than 20% of British men did healthcare search in 2001. 20% of both men and women use internet for selling goods. While in some areas, there is a stark gender difference, it looks like the total internet usage numbers are almost the same for both and women.

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