IELTS Vocabulary Practice Test

Complete the following sentences using an appropriate word or expression. Each question is followed by four suggested answers. Choose the most appropriate one.

1. The young boy ————————— the charge of trespassing into the orchard.

a) declined b) refused c) denied d) decried

2. The project ————————– for want of sufficient financial support.

a) fell through b) fell out c) fell off d) fell behind

3. I feared that it might rain at any time because the sky was —————————–

a) overclouded b) overcast c) overcoated d) overlaid

4. The airhostess ————————– the snacks to all passengers aboard the aircraft.

a) passed over b) passed out c) gave round d) passed round

5. Susan was so badly injured that she needed ——————————– care in the hospital.

a) extensive b) intensive c) little d) deep

6. We had to pay more taxi fare because the driver brought us by a —————————– route.

a) circular b) longest c) circuitous d) circumscribed

7. The judge used his —————————- powers and let off the accused with a reprimand.

a) special b) legal c) discretionary d) absolute

8. The funds have been —————————— to the beneficiaries.

a) disbursed b) made c) distributed d) paid

9. The stars —————————– from behind the clouds.

a) winked b) shined c) beamed d) twinkled

10. There could have been a war over it, but in the end reason ————————–

a) counted b) survived c) prevailed d) persisted


1. Denied 2. Fell through 3. Overcast 4. Passed round 5. Intensive 6. Circuitous 7. Discretionary 8. Disbursed 9. Twinkled 10. Prevailed

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