IELTS vocabulary practice test

In the following passage, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each of them five words are given one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Faced with an ——————–(1)——————— number and variety of products on the market, managers are finding it more and more difficult to ——————–(2)———————– demand and plan production and orders ———————-(3)———————— As a result ———————(4)————- forecasts are increasing and, along with them, the costs of those errors.

———————(5)———————– that speed is the ——————–(6)——————— many managers today have turned to one or another popular production scheduling system. But these tools tackle only part of the problem. ————————(7)——————— really needed is a way to —————–(8)————— forecasts and simultaneously redesign planning processes to ———————(9)——————- the impact of ——————-(10)——————— forecasts.


1. a) exact b) equal c) optimum d) eccentric e) unprecedented

2.  a) meet b) predict c) ignore d) accept e) register

3. a) immediately b) quickly c) accordingly d) positively e) spontaneously

4. a) inaccurate b) buoyant c) frequent d) inadequate e) exorbitant

5. a) consider b) neglecting c) visualizing d) believing e) notwithstanding

6. a) problem b) answer c) source d) outcome e) lacuna

7. a) what’s b) that’s c) one d) managers e) companies

8. a) ignore b) obtain c) vitiate d) negate e) improve

9. a) rationalize b) substantiate c) minimize d) counter e) tolerate

10. a) dangerous b) absolute c) unpredicted d) erroneous e) popular


1. unprecedented

2. predict

3. accordingly

4. inaccurate

5. believing

6. answer

7. what’s

8. improve

9. minimize

10. erroneous

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