IELTS vocabulary practice

In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Many kinds of insects are ——————— (1) ——————- and larger animals learn to —————– (2) ————— eating them. It is in the ——————- (3) —————– of these insects to show a ————– (4) —————— flag of some kind.

The typical wasp, for example ————— (5) ————— a conspicuous colour pattern of black and yellow ——————– (6) —————– on its body. This is ————— (7) —————-distinctive that it is easy for a ——————– (8) ———————- animal to remember it. After a few unfortunate experiences it quickly learns to —————– (9) —————— insects bearing this pattern. Other unrelated poisonous insect species may also carry a similar pattern. They become members of what has been called a ‘warning club’.

The important point for us, in the present ——————– (10) ——————- is that some harmless species of insects have taken —————– (11) —————– of this system by developing colour patterns similar to those of the poisonous members of the ‘warning club’. Certain innocuous flies, for instance, —————— (12) —————- black and yellow bands on their bodies that mimic the colour patterns of the wasps. By becoming —————— (13) —————— members of the ‘warning club’ they reap the benefits without having to ————– (14) —————– any real poison. The killers dare not attack them, even though they would, in reality, make a —————– (15) ——————– meal.

1. a) flying b) conspicuous c) vulnerable d) poisonous

2. a) desist b) adjust c) prefer d) avoid

3. a) habit b) interest c) goodwill d) welfare

4. a) dangerous b) ambiguous c) warning d) coloured

5. a) reveal b) paints c) flashes d) carried

6. a) bands b) pieces c) paint d) colours

7. a) so b) extremely c) normally d) too

8. a) bold b) prey c) chased d) predatory

9. a) hate b) love c) abstain d) avoid

10. a) text b) premise c) context d) view

11. a) profit b) yield c) disadvantage d) advantage

12. a) display b) indicates c) bears d) announce

13. a) registered b) unregistered c) honorary d) sycophant

14. a) transport b) inject c) possess d) load

15. a) troublesome b) delicious c) hazardous d) cheap


1. poisonous

2. avoid

3. habit

4. warning

5. flashes

6. bands

7. so

8. predatory

9. avoid

10. context

11. advantage

12. display

13. unregistered

14. possess

15. delicious

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