IELTS vocabulary practice

In the following questions, each sentence contains an underlined word or phrase. Four suggested answers are also given. You have to choose the one that does not alter the meaning of the sentence if it is substituted for the underlined word or phrase.

1. Before they undergo a surgical process, dogs are usually given an anesthetic so that they don’t cry out in pain.

a) gulp b) flip c) yelp d) purr

2. Because light travels faster than sound, lightning appears to go before thunder.

a) prolong b) traverse c) repel d) precede

3. City taxes are based on an estimate of the value of one’s property.

a) appraisal b) forecast c) diagnosis d) outline

4. If I don’t have time to read a novel, I read an outline of the plot instead.

a) an article b) a synopsis c) a critique d) an essay

5. Because of the unyielding approach of the trade union leader no agreement could be reached.

a) firm b) adamant c) rebellious d) admonishing

6. Man often behaves irrationally.

a) illogically b) absurdly c) foolishly d) immaturely

7. The invading force had no artillery and was completely annihilated.

a) dismembered b) reduced c) destroyed d) split

8. Incensed by his rude behavior, the manager suspended the worker.

a) infuriated b) excited c) promoted d) enthused

9. A parsimonious man is someone who is

a) cautious b) extravagant c) careless d) cost-conscious



1. Yelp 2. Precede 3. Appraisal  4. A synopsis 5. Adamant 6. Illogically 7. Destroyed 8. Infuriated 9. Cost-conscious

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