IELTS Vocabulary – Idioms and Expressions

Fill in the blanks with appropriate word or expression. Each question is followed by four suggested answers. Choose the most appropriate one.

1. The ruling political party was more interested in ————————– and announced a sharp reduction in the price of rice.

a) cheap gimmick b) playing to the gallery c) politics of opportunism d) publicity stunts

2. When Charles got home after the cocktail party he was as ————————– as a judge.

a) sober b) drunk c) wise d) brave

3. When the right moment came, he got —————————- with his enemy.

a) along b) killed c) even d) equal

4. The boy was so badly injured in the accident that the doctors warned his parents that it was a —————————- and go situation.

a) now b) touch c) hope d) leave

5. One man’s ————————– is another man’s poison.

a) food b) meat c) drink d) beverage

6. A servant is expected to —————————– the orders of his master.

a) carry on b) get carried c) carry out d) carry for

7. The elephant ———————— after killing its mahout and caused panic in the village.

a) ran amuck b) ran away c) ran off d) ran down

8. ———————- you are man and wife. Forget and forgive.

a) after all b) above all c) not at all d) at all

9. ———————– your parents in their old age as affectionately as they looked after you in your childhood.

a) look for b) look after c) look up d) look down upon

10. Good friends do not ———————— anything from each other.

a) keep in b) keep up c) keep on d) keep back


1. Playing to the gallery 2. Sober 3. Even  4. Touch 5. Meat 6. Carry out 7. Ran amuck  8. After all  9. Look after 10. Keep back

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