IELTS Vocabulary Exercise 1

Fill in the blanks using the most appropriate word or expression. Each question is followed by three suggested answers. Choose the most appropriate one.

1. His modesty and sincerity ———————– him from his friends.

a) distinguishes b) differs c) characterizes

2. The two cars ———————– considerably. One runs on petrol, the other runs on diesel.

a) distinguish b) differ c) differentiate

3. The ————————- between his actions and promises is quite evident.

a) contrast b) comparison d) contradict

4. These bank notes are not ———————– to gold.

a) convert b) convertible c) conversion

5. We have to decide on a ————————- time and place for the meeting.

a) convenient b) convenience c) convene

6.He has lost his —————————- as an investment banker.

a) credibility b) credible c) credulous

7. He was ———————– enough to believe the manufacture’s claims.

a) credible b) credulous c) credibly

8. He is cleverer than I gave him ————————– for.

a) credit b) credibility c) credible

9. The patient is in a very ———————— condition.

a) critical b) critic c) criticize

10. He got rich by buying cheap and selling ————————

a) dear b) dearly c) cheaply


1. distinguishes 2. differ 3. contrast 4. convertible 5. convenient 6. credibility 7. credulous 8. credit 9. critical 10. dear

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