IELTS vocabulary | Acquire and Accumulate

Accumulate (verbs)

To accumulate is to gather, amass, collect, gather together, hoard, aggregate and garner.

  • My neighbour accumulated a fortune buying and selling land.
  • He has accumulated large debts.
  • Snow accumulated on the ground.
  • We have accumulated a great deal of junk.
  • He likes to accumulate antiques.

Accumulation (noun)

  • I think we need to throw out the accumulation of junk.
  • The accumulation of antique objects is his pastime.


To acquire is to get, obtain, secure, achieve, earn and attain.

  • While holidaying in Toronto, I acquired a strong Canadian accent.
  • I acquired a working knowledge of German during my short stint in Germany.

Acquire antonyms: lose, forgo, give up, relinquish etc.

Acquisition (noun)

An acquisition is a possession, property, purchase, prize, acquirement, gain, procurement etc.

  • His most recent acquisition is a luxury yacht.
  • Sages devote their life to the acquisition of knowledge.

Acquisition and acquirement

These words have somewhat different meanings.

An acquisition is a material possession. An acquirement is a personal skill that one gains through practice.

  • His biggest acquisition is a sea-facing apartment in Mumbai.
  • Speaking French is one of her acquirements.

Acquisitive (adjective)

An acquisitive person is greedy, materialistic and avaricious.

  • You are an acquisitive person, always wanting new things.

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