IELTS Test Question Types

The IELTS test has two parts: written and oral. The written part consists of three modules: listening, reading and writing. All three of them must be completed on the same day. Keep in mind that there is no break between the tests. Students can take the speaking module or the oral part within 7 days before or after the written test.

Listening Module

Listening Module Task Types
Notes / summary / table completion / flow chartsentence completion
Multiple choice questionslabelling a diagram
short-answer questionsclassification
Listening Module Task Types

Reading Module

Reading Module Task Types
Sentence completion Multiple choice questions
Short answer questionsNotes / summary / flow chart / table completion
Labelling a diagramMatching lists / phrases
Choosing headings for paragraphs / sections of a textLocating information
Identification of information in the textClassification
Identification of writer’s views / claimsMultiple matching

Writing Module

Writing Module Task Types
Academic writing
Task 1
You will be given visual information in the form of a graph/table/chart/map/diagram
Task 2
Write an essay on the given topic
General writing
Task 1
Write a letter requesting information or explaining a problem / situation.
Task 2
Write an essay on the given topic

Speaking module

Speaking Module Task Types
Part 1: Introduction and interview
Part 2: Individual speech
Part 3: Two way discussion

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