IELTS test in Brazil – February 2012 (academic module)

The following questions were asked on an IELTS test (academic module) held in Brazil in February 2012. Source:

Listening test IELTS test in Brazil

Section 1

A man was heard talking with a call center operator to get information about some software related event in Toronto.

Questions: gap fills

Section 2

Test takers were asked to listen to an Australian radio program in which a woman talked about the places to visit.

Questions: multiple choice questions

Section 3

A student and his tutor were heard talking about academic problems and ways to solve them. Questions: sentence completion.

Section 4

A lecture about the passion fruit grown in Indonesia

Questions: multiple choice questions and gap fills

Reading test

Passage 1

Passage 1 was about the importance of parks.

Questions: match headings to paragraphs, match authors to their quotes.

Passage 2

Passage 2 was about fibers and fabrics.

Questions: multiple choice questions, True/False/Not Given.

Passage 3

Passage 3 was about the development of newborn babies in the first few months

Writing test

Writing task 1 (a report)

Three charts showing information regarding bestselling video games and the age and gender of people playing those games were given. Test takers were asked to summarize and compare that information.

Writing task 2 (an essay)

Some people believe that companies and private tour operators, instead of government, should bear the cost of cleaning up environmental pollution. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this?

A model answer for this question can be found here.

Speaking test


Where are you coming from?

What do you like about this place?

What do you think about the future of this place?

Cue Card

Talk about an older person that you know. Please say

Who is this person?

Is there any special topic/subject that this person and you would like to talk about? Why?


What do you think about old people living with their families?

Why do you think that some companies prefer to employ older people?

Why do you think some people have a problem retiring from their jobs?


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