IELTS speaking test in Vietnam | Questions and sample answers

The following questions were asked in a recent IELTS test held in Vietnam.

Part 1

Examiner: Do you travel by bus or taxi?

Candidate: I travel by both but I use buses more often because they are cheaper.

Examiner: How often do you travel by buses or taxis? Why?

Candidate: I take the bus to commute to work. I hire a taxi only when my old parents are travelling with me. My mother has arthritis, so she finds it rather difficult to board a bus.

Examiner: What do you prefer, taking a bus or a taxi?

Candidate: I mainly travel by buses but that is not because I prefer them. Buses are cheaper but taxis are more convenient. The public transport system in my city is not very reliable. If money was not an issue, I wouldn’t be depending too much on buses.

Cue Card (part 2)

Describe a day when you had to change your plans because of the weather. Please say:

– When and where was it?
– What did you do instead?
– How did you feel about it?

I will talk about a picnic that I had to cancel because of bad weather. It happened last year. I had promised to take my kids to the beach during their Navaratri holidays. There are no beaches near where we live. Actually, the nearest one is a 3 hours’ drive, so we rarely go to beaches. My kids were excited about the trip because they hadn’t been to a beach in years.

We decided to start at 1.30 so that we would be at the beach by 4.30. The morning was sunny and pleasant, but the weather changed dramatically in the afternoon. Clouds started gathering in the sky. Before long there was a heavy downpour accompanied by strong winds. I felt that going to the beach on such a stormy day was dangerous, so we changed the plan. My children were quite unhappy and started crying. To make them happy, I decided to take them to the movies. They were not exactly excited about the idea but we coaxed them to come with us. We watched Jungle Book in the 3D version and both my kids absolutely loved the movie. After the movie we had dinner at a nice restaurant and went home happily. I was initially upset about having to change the plan, but in the end we all had a nice time.

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