IELTS speaking test in Iran – January 2012

The following questions were asked on an IELTS speaking test held in Iran in January 2012. Source:


Could you please show me your ID card?

What is your full name?

Are you working or studying?

What are the qualifications necessary for the kind of job you have?

Do you often have visitors?

What do you prefer – being a host or getting invited to other people’s homes?

Where do people meet each other in your country – at home or elsewhere?

Do you like walking?

Were you walking a lot as a child?

Cue Card

Speak about a song that you remember from the childhood. Please say

What was the song about?

Who sang that song?

When was the first time you heard it?


Do you think music is important in your life?

What in your opinion is more important – music or songs?

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