IELTS speaking: sample task cards

The second part of the Speaking test is a speech. You will be given a task card with a topic and three or four questions. You will have to talk about the given topic for one or two minutes. You will get one minute to prepare your answer.

Here is a sample Task Card

Please read the topic below carefully. You will be asked to talk about it for one to two minutes. You will have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Describe a musical event you enjoyed attending. You should say:

What the event you attended was

Where it took place

Who was with you

Also explain why enjoyed the event.

More task cards are given below.

Task card  sample 2

Describe a situation when you helped someone in the past. Please say

What the situation was

Whom did you help?

How did you help him or her?

Also explain how you felt after helping him / her

Task Card 3

Describe a film you saw and really liked. You should say:

The name of the film

When and where you watched it

What the film was about

Also explain why you enjoyed the film.

Task Card 4

Describe a skill you learned recently. You should say:

What the skill is

Why you learned it

Who helped you learn it

Also explain how this skill is going to be useful to you.

Task Card 5

Describe a team project you were involved in. Please say

What the project was

When you worked on that project

Was the project successful?

Also explain how you felt about being involved in that project.

Task Card 6

Describe a wedding you enjoyed. Please say

Whose wedding it was

When and where it was held

Why you enjoyed it

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