IELTS Speaking sample questions with answers

Here are some sample questions and answers.

Examiner: What subject are you studying?

Candidate: I am studying Human Resources Management. Actually, I am doing a 2 year MBA in HR.

Examiner: Why did you choose it?

Candidate: I enjoy interacting with people. My friends have always praised me for my diplomatic and people skills. I think these are the two reasons that encouraged me to choose HR. Also, this sector offers excellent job prospects. I have heard that an MBA in HR is a coveted degree.

Examiner: Is color important when you choose to buy something?

Candidate: Color is important to me when I buy clothes. I like bright hues. However, I don’t consider color when I buy gadgets or other things.

Examiner: What color do you not want at home? Why?

Candidate: I guess there is no such color. I like almost all colors, but I avoid buying black clothes. In our culture, we consider black as inauspicious, so I will not paint a wall black or wear a black outfit to a wedding. However, I have no issues with using a black laptop or black cellphone.

Examiner: Which fast food do you like?

Candidate: Instant noodles, maybe. I am not really fond of fast food. Whenever possible, I cook food myself. But if I am too busy to cook a meal, I will have a burger or a bowl of instant noodles.

Examiner: How often do you eat fast food?

Candidate: Rarely. I eat fast food only when I am too busy to cook.

Examiner: What do you prefer, one long holiday or a few short ones?

Candidate: I prefer short holidays a couple of times in a year to one long holiday. I have a stressful job, so I need a short break every couple of weeks.

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