IELTS speaking questions with answers

Question: Good afternoon. Could you tell me your name please?
Answer: My name is Peter.

Question: Thank you Peter. Are you working or studying?
Answer: I am studying. I am doing my Master’s in Physics.

Question: That’s great. I would like you to tell me something about your hometown.
Answer: It is Mumbai, the financial capital of India. Mumbai is a coastal city situated on the western coast of India. One of the most populous cities in India, Mumbai is home to over 30 million people.

Question: Could you tell me something about the most interesting things in Mumbai?

Answer: Well, I think the most interesting thing about Mumbai is its people. It is home to people from all over the world. Mumbai is also famous for its festivals, street food and night life.

Question: Are there any places of special interest near where you live?
Answer: Mumbai is known for its art galleries, museums and beaches. There are also many shopping streets where you can get excellent bargains.

Question: Is there anything that you don’t like about your hometown?
Answer: Well, Mumbai is notorious for its bad roads and traffic jams. That is something I absolutely hate about the city. I wish the government does something about it.

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