IELTS speaking practice | Take about a course you would like to do

Talk about a course that you would like to do if you had enough time. Please say:

– What course is it?
– What do you think you can learn from it?
– Do you think this would be easy to learn? Why?

Sample response

I would like to do a course in garment designing. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I don’t want to be a professional designer. I just want to be able to design my own outfits.

I enjoy wearing trendy outfits. I like to design them too. Actually, I have already designed a couple of dresses for my sister and me. My friends like my designs. They feel that I have what it takes to be a dress designer. Actually, that is the reason I want to learn garment designing from experts. Right now, my designs are somewhat amateurish. I think a short term course in garment designing will help me learn the techniques and improve my designs.

As for my ability to complete it, well, I have a flair for designing. I can knit, sew and embroider. As I already know the basics, I think I will be able to complete the course without much difficulty. Right now I am busy with my studies and I don’t have any time to pursue an extracurricular course, but I am planning to do it once I complete it.

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