IELTS speaking practice questions with answers

The following questions were asked in a recent IELTS exam.

Examiner: Do you work or study?

Candidate: I am working as a translator.

Examiner: Describe your job.

Candidate: My job involves translating English documents into German. I work for the German division of a multinational company in my country.

Examiner: How important is this profession in your country?

Candidate: Translators are in huge demand mainly because there aren’t many of them. It is easy to find people well-versed in English, but there aren’t many who can speak or write German or Spanish in my country. So, we are in good demand.

Examiner: Do you prefer to work alone or in a team? Why?

Candidate: I enjoy both. I get along with most people. I like the support that I get from my colleagues when I work in a team. Their feedback helps me improve the quality of my work. That said, I have no issues with working alone. In my opinion the biggest benefit to working alone is that you can work at your own pace.

Examiner: Let’s talk about music. Do you enjoy listening to or playing music? Why?

Candidate: I enjoy listening to music. I have a terrible voice, so singing isn’t for me. I can’t play the instruments either. I listen to old Hindi songs when I am working or driving.

Examiner: In your childhood did you play any musical instrument?

Candidate: When I was in school, my mother did get me enrolled in a music class. I practiced the violin for about six months, but I when I realized that I didn’t have much aptitude for music, I dropped out.

Examiner: What type of music do you prefer? Why?

Candidate: I like to listen to film songs, especially melodies. I like songs with good lyrics and many Hindi songs have beautiful verses; maybe that is the reason I love film songs.

Examiner: Do you think loud noise affects our hearing?

Candidate: I don’t know if loud noise affects our hearing or not but I hate it. I get a headache when I am in highly noisy surroundings. Loud noise also makes me feel dizzy.

Examiner: What is the effect of noise in our cities?

Candidate: Noise pollution has become a major issue in many of our metros. It is particularly worse in Indian cities like Mumbai where celebrations are all about playing loud music. The constant honking of vehicles is another problem that you face in Indian cities. This has made life difficult for people, especially the children and the elderly.

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