IELTS Speaking Practice | Describe an app that you use

The following question was asked in a recent IELTS exam held in India.

Describe an application or software that you are using on your laptop/mobile device. Please say:

– What does it do?
– Where and when did you find it?
– Why do you use it?

Sample response

I use an application that allows me to check plagiarism in my writing samples. It is a free app that I have got installed on my laptop. I am a freelance content writer. I mainly write for websites. My articles need to be unique; otherwise my clients wouldn’t buy them. I use both online and offline sources to find content ideas for my articles. Sometimes my clients will specify a link and ask me to rewrite the content on it so that the article will sound original. When rewriting an article, I have to work hard to ensure that it doesn’t contain any duplicate lines. This app allows me to compare my writing with the original content. It will highlight duplicate lines. I will paraphrase them and check again. I do this until all duplicate phrases and lines have been removed. I started using this app after a friend recommended it to me. It has made my job easier. My clients are happy with my work and thanks to this app they have never accused me of plagiarism.

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