IELTS Speaking practice | Describe a skill you learned in childhood

Describe a skill that you learnt in your childhood. Please say:

– What it is?
– How did you learn it?
– Do you still use it?

I will talk about swimming. It is a skill that I learned when I was ten or eleven. I learnt it from my aunt who would take me and my sister to the village pond every morning. She is a good swimmer and is quite good at helping others learn swimming. My grandmother has eight grandchildren. All of us learnt swimming from my aunt. Her technique was simple. She would tie one end of a long cloth around our waist and hold the other end in her hand. We would then enter the water and try to swim by moving our hands and legs vigorously. As one end of the cloth is in her hand, she can always pull us out of the water whenever we show signs of fatigue. It took me about two weeks to learn swimming. When I was a child I used to go swimming almost every week. Now I rarely swim. There are several swimming pools in our neighborhood, but I haven’t had a swim in several years.

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