IELTS speaking practice | Describe a person you would like to meet

Describe a person from the news that you would like to meet. Please say

– Who is the person?

– How did you hear about this person?

– Why is he/she in the news?

Sample response

I would like to meet Baba Ramdev, the celebrated Yoga Guru. I am not a Yoga enthusiast. I know the health benefits of this ancient Indian science, but I have never felt like practicing Yoga. I think my body isn’t flexible enough to do the Yoga postures. The reason that I would like to meet Ramdev is that I am intrigued by his success as an entrepreneur. Today his company Patanjali is one of the fastest growing consumer goods companies in India. My interest in him started only after he announced his decision to launch a company. I was skeptical initially. I didn’t expect him to make inroads in the already crowded FMCG sector, but now I am impressed. I really feel that he can teach youngsters a thing or two about building a business. Now hardly a day passes without his name getting mentioned in newspapers or on the television. In fact the success of his brand has even caught the attention of international marketing gurus. If I ever get a chance to meet him, I will ask him how he built his brand from scratch. He will probably not want to reveal his trade secrets but there is no harm in asking.

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