IELTS speaking practice 3rd part

Examiner: Do you think people will still be interested in reading fiction in the future?

Candidate: Yes. People have been reading fiction for thousands of years and they will do so in the future too. Fiction transports us to a dream land where everything and everyone looks so beautiful and perfect. It makes us forget about our mundane existence. There is something magical about it. In my opinion, fiction will only become more popular in the coming years.

Examiner: Do you prefer reading a physical book or its digital version?

Candidate: I enjoy reading a physical book. When I hold a book in my hand, I feel an immediate connection to it. I love feeling the pages and flipping them. A digital book, on the other hand, tires my eyes pretty easily.

Examiner: Do you think people are interested in reading detective stories? Why?

Candidate: I am not exactly into detective stories, but I know countless people who love them. I can’t quite explain this preference. I think it is the adrenaline rush that one experiences while reading such stories.

Examiner: Do books written by an author from a certain country tell something about their country of origin?

Candidate: Authors are influenced by their surroundings and it is quite natural for them to tell stories connected to their motherland. Russian novels, for example, paint a picture of life in Russia.

Examiner: Do you think such authors and their books will be appreciated in other countries? Why?

Candidate: In my opinion, yes. Such books give us an opportunity to learn more about other cultures and beliefs. Of course, stories that can happen anywhere have a greater appeal, but I also enjoy reading books with geographically restricted themes.

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