IELTS Speaking part 1: Sample Questions and Answers

The following questions were asked in an IELTS speaking test held in India in February. Sample answers are also given.

Examiner: Where are you from?

Candidate: I am from the South Indian state of Kerala.

Examiner: Do you work or study?

Candidate: I am studying chemical engineering. It is a five year program. Right now I am in the final year.

Examiner: Which part of your country do you live in?

Candidate: I live in Kerala which is in the south-west part of the country. Kerala is a beautiful state with plenty of rivers, backwaters and greenery.

Examiner: Have you visited any other parts of your country?

Candidate: Yes, I have been to North India a couple of times. I have visited Delhi and Amritsar. I have a cousin who works there. I have also visited Calcutta in West Bengal.

Examiner: What are the topics that people in your country like to discuss when they meet? Why?

Candidate: Well, we discuss politics, movies and cricket. Cricket is a much more a sport for us. It is our passion. As for politics, well, I think most of us have political views of some sort. I have no active involvement in politics; still it is a topic that I like to discuss when I meet my friends.

Examiner: How do you usually spend your day?

Candidate: I spend most of my day in the college. In the evening I play some tennis with my friends and afterwards I study. I get hardly any time to watch TV.

Examiner: Do you have time to visit your family?

Candidate: I stay in the college hostel. I visit my parents every weekend. I spend one or two days with them and during those days I also find time to visit my extended family.

Examiner: Do you see changes in people’s mindset today compared to the past?

Candidate: I do. The society has become less conservative. This change is more visible in cities than in rural areas. I also feel that consumerism is on the rise. Unlike in the past, people now want to show off their wealth. They spend a lot of money on cars, travel and luxury items.

Examiner: Why do you think these changes are happening?

Candidate: I think these changes are due to globalization. The world has become one village. We now get to interact with people from other countries. This certainly makes us more appreciative of their values and lifestyle. The internet is another cause of change. In my opinion, exposure to other societies and their lifestyles through television, internet and newspapers is the main factor that causes a change in the mindset of people.

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