IELTS speaking | Describe a piece of furniture you have in your home

Describe a piece of furniture you have in your home.

  • You should say what kind it is and what you use it for
  • What materials it is made of
  • How this piece of furniture was chosen for your home.

Sample response

I will talk about my writing desk. It is in the living room. It is an ancient piece of furniture that my father inherited from his father. My father gave it to me. It is made of teak. It is a large desk with four drawers. There are attractive carvings on its legs.  It must be really expensive. I have heard that teak is a hard wearing wood. Maybe that is the reason my desk looks good even today. My grandparents had used it for decades before they gave it my dad. He himself used it for several years. When I started school, he gifted it to me. I have taken good care of it. Although it doesn’t look new, it looks good. The carvings are still quite visible. Also the wood hasn’t lost its characteristic colour. I absolutely love this desk because I spent a great deal of time studying and working at it when I was in school. I still use it. I think I will give it to my children when they start school. Maybe they will not use it as much as I did, but I have no intention to sell it. I love antiques.

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